Hello World!


So my name is Celina and this is my first post (yay!). This is my FIRST time making a blog and I hope this lasts. Anyway this post is about how tiring packing for a trip is.

I’m going to Malaysia this summer for an internship with YES (Youth Energy Squad). It starts on the 12th (Tuesday) and ends on May 28th so I’ll be staying there for six+ weeks. I’m excited and nervous at the same time cuz this is my FIRST time trying this.

Can I just say that packing for this trip is tiring! As in, I’m so stressed right now. I have a lot of stuff and I’m afraid it’s gonna exceed the airplane weight limit. And it’s not just the clothes. I mean I have to bring my laptop, camera, documents, food, and lots more.

so messy!

i almost gave up!

not messy but I had to re-do all over

Actually, I was excited buying and preparing my stuff individually. But when it came to putting all of them together, GEEZ I’m having a hard time. I have two days to go before I leave and I know this might seem trivial but it’s not! You have to consider your whole trip’s itinerary and which stuff are more important to bring. You have to think of the long run!

But the real reason I’m getting stressed is that I know I should have done this a week ago when I was chilling in Pangasinan. Procrastination never leaves me, I swear. I hope I’ll change this soon. Still, I’m being optimistic and would just use adrenaline rush as an excuse. (does that make sense?)

I tried classifying all my clothes and even took pictures of them (this was advice I read online). But then I realized this planning and organizing doesn’t really work for me. Organized chaos is what I prefer.

Bahala na. I’ll just try and put important details into my brain and I’ll sort out the rest in Malaysia.

Please wish me luck!

Actually, I’m sooo nervous right now so I guess that’s another reason why I can’t pack neatly.



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