Hey thanks, thanks for THAT summer

Before anything else, here’s a song that keeps on playing in my head since last week.

Age Six Racer-Dashboard Confessional

Important/Heartbreaking Lyrics

So long sweet summer/I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays              So long sweet summer/ I feel into you now you’re gracefully falling away                      Hey thanks, thanks for THAT summer/  I gave you the best that I had

This summer would always be THAT summer I’ll be talking about when someone asks me when did the happiest moments in my life took place.

There were lots of new experiences and memories. I learned to face struggles on my own (note: I hate flying alone) and realized that I could handle it (yey). Akala mo naman sobrang independent, wala naman akong ginawa sa Malaysia kung hindi kumain ng kumain ng kumain at naglakad.

 Here I am in NAIA 3 after a day of stress. After two delayed flights, one expensive airline ticket, and a bucket of tears…sobrang unforgettable ng day na ito. Sore muscles the day after ugh.

But seriously though, it felt great to try out new things on my own and not by the book. Everyday was an adventure because there were no specific plans. We just let spontaneity come to play and I can say it paid off well. I got to experience interesting cultures that are not published/seen in all those tourism guides and books people always buy when going out of town. Plus, we get to learn stories from the locals themselves! Most of the time, we were lost (with our dorky maps always in our hands) and trust me, lots of crazy things happened. Some were bad but most were good. Not only did we talk with locals all the time (i sorta had this addicting malaysian accent for a while…actually, hanggang ngayon LAH) but we got to meet other foreigners as well.

The HIV and YES team aka the people who made me happy all summer. Grabbed this from my friend Kaine. I can’t believe this is our only group picture. HAHA.

My Sbuddy Keenly and I in Universal Studios Singapore. Seriously, I ❤ SG. I can live there if I have the money.

Presenting…the Hostel Girls Band! I will blog about this soon. Get ready :))

And don’t get me started with fooooood. I swear, I eat almost 24/7 when I was there and I didn’t get that fat 😛

But seriously, Penang (the state where I did my internship) was actually the food capital of Malaysia thus CHEAPER AND TASTIER food were served. We hardly ate at restaurants (except for authentic yummy awesome-ly expensive Chinese restaurants) because there were lots of hawker stalls in every street tempting me everyday. From hokkien soup to roti canai dipped in curry, I swear kating-kati na akong tikman sila ulit. If only, hayyy, if only. Ang arte ko pa the first few weeks cause I wanted adobo but now I’m getting sick of adobo! Me wants my spicy food NOW :))

Mango Sticky Rice!

Anyway, the point of this blog post was to tell everyone that I will be posting soon about the highlights of my trip to Malaysia. I originally wanted to post every week but then laziness was a better option for me back then (but now it’s not a choice anymore because I’ll be more serious from now on *asa*) so I’ll just post random stuff about it. I’ll even post diary entries which I did when I had nothing to do there or whenever I had strong emotions then haha.

Sana hindi masyadong obvious pero sa totoo lang…I miss Malaysia! And all my friends there (which are mostly Pinoys hahaha). I miss being chill, waking up late, going home veerryyy late (or should I say early in the morning hahaha), being loud, cursing cause no one understands you (hehe), commuting, all the waterproof ringgit bills, FOOOOOOOOOOD, my hostel, the long walks, and my white-ish skin (whut?).

Nakakainis. I blame this depression when I paid tuition earlier today. It made me sad because a) my tuition was sooo big and b) it means that summer is officially O-VER.

Which is madness. Actually, I have tons of council work now that I’m back but still…summer over means more lab reps, more depressed results, more eating. Seriously, I get fatter during the semester than during summer (which is plus points for summer for me).

But at the same time, I’m getting more excited for the semester because hopefully I can prove to myself that I can balance all my responsibilities well. Hopefully lang naman.

So that’s it for now. I’ll post more pics in the future.

Hay summer 2011. You were a great one. Not as great as my childhood summers though (nothing can beat that). But during my sane, mature, post-puberty life, you were THE ONE. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll never forget you. So please don’t leaaaaveee meeeee! CHOS.

X Celina


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