IT’S MY BRITHDAY! (obligatory post)

Yep, you read that right. Yesterday, my little cousin Walter gave me an advanced birthday card and it says, “Happy Brithday! To Dayya”. Cute!

Technically, I’m still 18. I’m going to be 19 when it’s around 7 in the morning. HAHA Or maybe this is an example of me being slightly in denial! I mean, this is my last teen year! But it’s’s also a sign that I need to start preparing myself as I enter the 20s stage. I’ll make my this year as a guide to finding and sorting my wants, needs, and priorities in life! *asa, daia, asa* Ha! Challenge accepted! And to start it all off, I’ll make a list of the 19 things I want to do before I turn 20. I’m just thinking this now so it might be sloppy, yeah. So, without further ado…I present to you my…

19 Things I Gotta Do Now That I’m In My Last Teen Year!

1) Drive. I already know how. I just need to learn how to be fearless CHOS.

2) Learn how to cook. Not the normal housewife way but I’d like to be ambitious and try to be a barefoot contessa too *asa*

3) Travel to one more country. Or maybe two. This means stumbling upon promos.

4) Boracay :)))) and Malasimbo. This counts for a road trip 🙂

5) Save 3000 a month. WOAH. :))

6) ADHOC. All adhocs :))

7) Have an awesum time with my blockmates. I love them forever and hopefully we’ll be closer than ever 😀

8 ) Treating journal articles as a hobby. It’ll be like my own nerdy justjared bookmarked pages.

9) Jog regularly. Or exercise regularly. Ahh, basta pumayat!

10) Make sure NIMBB will be awesome this entire school year! We’re so sexy!

11) Have regular family trips 🙂 And also, since my mom keeps on scolding me for this..I’ll try to be clean all the time. Hindi naman sa madumi ako, slight lang, I guess? *embarassed* I’ll treat this as a side challenge HAHA

12) Create efficient and effective systems for myself that I shall be using my entire life na

13) Keep in touch with old friends. As in totoo na ito, no more doubts. No more excuses 🙂

14) Do something crazy or thrilling 🙂 That does not mean going on Condor rides or 360 Anchor’s Away okay?

15) Do an outreach with an NGO or any volunteer projects/workshops. I wanna help save the turtles and any form of animal (except sharks) too, you know?

16) Find love. CHOS. If my momma reads this, what I mean is find love in the form of a pet dog 😀 😀

17) Start my business. WOAH. Small steps, small steps. Brainstorm nga lang. But who knows?? 🙂

18) Magna cum laude. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME HAVE THE WILL AND DISCIPLINE SO I CAN DO THIS. I just wanna have a decent start to what I want in the future 🙂 Before I turn 20, I have to have a decision with what I want to do in life. SRSLY.

19) Go on a personal retreat with God 🙂

It always seems impossible until it is done.     -got this quote from my favorite tumblr (check her out, she’s awesum) All the things in the list are subject to change. Or maybe i’ll just keep on adding more. It depends if I have done them already and I still want to challenge myself. Besides, not all of them are hard naman. I just need to make time and be more organize and effective and efficient aaaand a whole lot of other things 🙂

I’ll end this post with a quote from a gospel reflection I read a few months ago.

Let us all in time, then, learn to love as we should, God above all things, and all other things for him. And whatsoever love be not referred to that end, namely, to the good pleasure of God, is a very vain and unfruitful love.

LOVE is the most powerful thing in the world. (see #16 hihi) I can never change for the better if I only have a “vain and unfruitful love”. I love God and I know that His is the only path I shall be following if I want to be happy. After all, it’s His plan to give me 19 years of life…and counting…sana 100 years HIHIHI



4 thoughts on “IT’S MY BRITHDAY! (obligatory post)

  1. Love you my babygirl@19. Proud of what you have done, where you are now and all good things yet to come.

  2. Ngayon ko lang to nabasa, hindi ko kinaya ang NGO. =)) At ano ba, makakarami tayo ng countries when we graduate. I’m considering Europe now, kahit hindi na Asian cruise. :)) Kaya ata. 😀

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