Made my day


grabbed from Mr. Jason Magbanua’s public Vimeo account

I stumbled upon this video in FB and since I am a HUGE FAN of Jason Magbanua, I clicked it right away. It has been a long time since I last checked his website but I gotta say..watching this wedding video made me want to watch all his other recent videos. Too bad, I have four exams this week.

Mehnnn, Mr. Magbanua is so good! This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s witty and fresh. More so because it’s a story of two Iskolars ng Bayan. And well…I have a strong school spirit.

I remember talking about college love stories with my blockmates during my freshmen year. I once said I wanted to have a great college love story. However, that will not seem to happen anytime soon. No worries though.. I’ve got way too much to think about anyhow. Weh, serious talaga ako! If however that will cross my path in the future, I want it to be as simple as this video. It’s sooooo…..UP. So Pinoy. Even the groom’s vows were said in that classic Pinoy cheesy makes-my-heart-melt way. Classic Tagalog lines (ala Eraserheads) will always make me kilig. Classic Tagalog moves are always the best. Why are we Filipinos so creative and talented? Galing magda-moves! Tagos 🙂

So I hope everyone who reads this will say “Awwww!” and feel happy.


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