Future Sons

I want my future sons to be like these four talented kids:

Meet Bailrok Munoz. He’s a breakdancer and a Filipino.

Hi there, Miles BABY BOOGALOO Brown. A popper (if that’s what you call them)

Cuties Bailrok and Baby Boogaloo form Future Funk, a dancing duo known for their appearance on America’s got talent. They have the smallest (cutest) voices during interviews but they have the biggest talents! Bailrok’s only 10 and CUTIE PATOOTIE BABY BOOGALOO is only 5! Bailrok is also the youngest member of Rock Steady Crew, a hip hop group established in NY in 1977.

Here’s Jalen Testerman. He’s pretty awesome.

Watch him dancing at an NBA game:

And we have Anjelo Baligad aka Li’l Demon: the littlest demon on the dance floor. He’s a Filipino too.

Here he is with Ellen:

Here’s a video of Jalen and Li’l Demon in an American Apparel commercial. So cute!

And here are some gifs of them teaching us how to dougie!

Here’s a compilation of these four cuties’ dance performances.

Mehn, what was I doing when I was that young? I’m jealous. I’ll totally immerse my future kids in the arts: singing, dancing, painting, and sports (hey, sports is an art of movement!). Artsy over smartsy! I wouldn’t care if they’re not the top of their class. I’d want them to explore and find what they really love and go with it. I’m going to be such a great mom in the future. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Props to these kids. They always make me smile. Whenever I’m down, I just watch their videos on youtube and voila!, I’m happy again! Great, great talent.

All photos are grabbed from Google Images.


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