‘Tis the day Math and I finally part ways

Today, I had my last Math exam.


This post will serve as a reminder of how happy I am right now. I thought this day will never come! After 5 semesters in college, I’m finally ending things. And I couldn’t be any happier. Sana lang hindi ako bumagsak sa finals na hindi ko pinag-aralan at all. Please, even if I get only 60% in the Finals, I would be happy. As long as it means I do not have to take another effing Math subject next semester.

It’s not that I hate Math, I just don’t like it. It’s not for me. I favor the more objective, process-based exams (which my course totally OWNS by the way). I am not meant for problem solving and hours of practical analysis. Which totally sucks because that’s what you need in life –the ability to come up with different solutions to different problems. I just don’t like coming up with my own solutions. I like to know the real answers at once. Which is slightly WRONG, I know. Yeah, I’m working on that. If I do become a scientist/researcher in the future, I have to learn how to solve my own problems and not just rely on what others figured out themselves. In the future…I must shine too!!

So that’s all. Oh, I’m also officially on a break! Yey for stress-free weeks ahead. I hope I get a lot of soul-searching, exercising, and relaxing moments this sembreak. And to limit my internet surfing and sleeping hours. It’s time to get FIT as I believe I’m getting fatter by the second. Boo.

I’d like to end this post with a line from one of the best movies (and most memorable math topic) ever…

My time with solving limits on bluebooks may be over, but limits WILL NEVER EXIST in real life. It’s time to move on and on and on!

I apologize for the randomness of this post. HAHAHA.


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