Reminiscing Korea 2009

I’m finally back home in Pangasinan. And since I never do anything here, I decided that now is the time to update my blog regularly.

This post is about my first trip abroad EVER. It happened back in high school, right before my graduation. I got to go with my mom, sister, and fellow batchmate Icia. Looking back, it was a great way to start my “luuuv” for travel. We were in a tour group/package so everything was planned already that’s why it’s nice because you don’t get to worry about getting lost and the like. It was very sulit.

my sister, mom, and I

my batchmate, Icia (she went with her mom too!)

Korea is such a great place. Not to mention, I love Korean culture (there pop culture to be exact hahahaha). I regretted going there before I became an avid fan of Kpop because I could have bought lots of CDs, posters, and memorabilia.  Kainis lang. But it’s okay, I promise myself I’ll go there again. And stalk my favorite Korean celebs HAHA (Seriously though, they are very talented….and pretty)

Here are some pictures:

Temples, Guards, National Museum, Streets in Seoul

We visited the Blue House where the President lives. We weren’t allowed to go inside and take pictures. There’s the police, he rarely moved! I dunno if he was directing traffic or acting like a Swiss guard.

We went to the Namsan Tower. If you’ve watched Boys Over Flowers, this is where Jun Pyo and the leading lady got locked up in the cable car during the night. The one where Jun Pyo got sick HAHAHAHA! Anyway, this place is so pretty. You must take the cable car towards the tower to be able to see an entire view of Seoul (and its neighbouring cities I guess). It’s not only a tower because there’s a teddy bear museum, and an area with lots of locks (for couples).

We went to this place in Seoul that I often see in K-dramas. It’s seems like a river under a bridge. I forgot the name though and the story behind it. But it’s very modern and people can go down. I think there’s a mini-waterfall inside and the water is coming from a dam. Sort of a recycling model for them. Here we are with our tour guide! She studied in UST for a while so she knows Tagalog and loves San Miguel Beer!

We made kimchi! Yummm! The lettuce in Korea are longer and they have specialized red chili powder. It’s fun (and relatively easy) because you just spread salt and the powder in layers and voila, authentic K-kimchi! We also got to wear hanboks and act like we were making tea. A dream come true! Kulang nalang hair and I feel like I’m in a sageuk!

We also got to see a play called “The Gypsy Moon”. It’s cool! They’re like a bunch of Caucasian performers doing daredevil stunts. My favorite part was when 4-5 motorcyclists rode their vehicles inside a large spherical cage. But the most unforgettable one was when nude girls (from the waist up) came down from chandeliers, dancing. Woah. May mga bata pa naman kaming kasama noon. My eyeeees! Haha.

We went to the football stadium where the World Cup was held. WOAH! No one was there so it was quite peaceful. They have a museum and a video room showing the World Cup highlights.

Then, we took a long drive to the Jewel in The Palace Set/Theme Park. If you don’t know, Jewel in the Palace was a famous Korean Drama. It spanned for about 50-60 episodes and it covers the story of Jang Geum, “an orphan kitchen cook who went on to be the only female royal physician during the Joseon Dynasty”, as Wiki tells me. The story was s good with lots of twists and turns. They made us watch the “summarized” version of the drama while on the bus. It probably lasted for about 2-3 hours. I watched all of it. Addict lang. The lead was very pretty too–the kind of pretty that’s so warm and refreshing to look at. I remember watching this show regularly during freshman high school with my dad. What can I say, I love Korean sageuks! The set was made entirely from scratch and itcovered a large piece of land. It was pretty…from the architecture of the houses/temples to the kitchen tools and warrior training areas. I guess they didn’t want to ruin it so they made it into a theme park. Ahhh, more money from them! More experiences for travellers like us!

Lastly, the food! Large crabs, kimchi during breakfast, “tall” ice creams, Korean-esque sushi, and GINSENG CHICKEN! It’s kinda like tinola but so healthier and better. I love ginseng, even the candy. Did you know that it takes them around 4-6 years in order to harvest ginseng plants? Yep, they are slow-growing perennial plants. (NERD) As for me, they really look like Mandrakes or Mandragora. Ha!

I learned a lot from this trip, basically because everything was given to me. But it doesn’t stop there. Travelling on your own is still the best way to discover and explore. It’s because you’re free. You have the opportunity to learn culture by assimilating yourself to society. Doing what the locals do, interacting with them, and getting surprises here and there is what makes each travelling adventure special and close to your heart ❤


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