What I really did Last Summer

Last summer, I went on an internship in Penang, Malaysia. I was under the Youth Energy Squad, a team developed by the local committee of AIESEC in the Universiti of Sains Malaysia. Our traineeship involves teaching students around the area about renewable energy. We were tasked to help spread energy facts and awareness about Malaysia.

But before all that, we had to contact schools. It was hard, actually. I was never a phone person. I HATE talking to people on the phone…it just seems so awkward. Thankfully, I managed to act professional and do my job. HAHA. There were some laughtrip moments. It was also a bit difficult understanding the Malaysians because of their accent. But I gotta say, we enjoyed our “LAH” moments, maybe a little bit too much. I remember one time when I accidentally said LAH out loud while my teammate was talking to a principal. We couldn’t stop laughing then and there. It was embarassing. We waited for one more day before having the guts to call again.

Aside from calling, we also faxed letters to different school. That was really tiresome. At one point, we got pissed because it’s difficult communicating only through phone. Towards the end, we decided to go to the schools personally.

We gave talks to three schools. It was fun! However, I wished we could have done more. Still, I loved my team. They are my family (woah!). There were ups and downs, misunderstandings here and there but amidst all that I know that what we experienced was something big and all of us were grateful to have known and bonded with each other. And I could never forget the wonderful moments I had with them. Totally missing them right now.

Here are a few pictures:

The team (minus Ara): Nica, me, Kaine, Lon, Chris

Kaine teaching Aiesec Culture

candid YES team picture:

Ara as mentor

Justin Bieber with his fans

Boys will be boys

Me presenting my part!

Me with my girl group

Meet the cutest boy ever: Justin (too bad, he’s only 14!)

Nica walking down the aisle
Chris’ AIESEC shirt
Group picture!
The first school we went to was the most fun. Probably because they were all kids–rowdy kids. The subsequent schools we went to had shy students. But it was still super fun!

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