Annoying Weather…

in Thailand! We’re supposed to go to Thailand for three days this sembreak. However, it seems like it might not push through after all. WHY????

It’s because of the unpredictable weather in Bangkok. Our airline might cancel the flight. HUHUHU. We still have less than 2 weeks before going so I hope the stormy weather subsides during this period.

I really hope we can go. Shopping!!! Plus I wanna see the elephants. I’ve never seen one before. Boo. But mostly the main reason is to go shopping. Oh and to eat mango sticky rice. My friend told me it’s better than the ones they sell in Malaysia. And I love Mango Sticky Rice. And some Char Koay Teow. I miss (other) Asian food.

I hope the rain wouldn’t be too much of a nuisance if ever we get there. I’ll be praying hard that the thunderstorms will subside. Please, help me. Thanks!

P’shone will get mad if I don’t get to see him. Chos.

UPDATE: So we had to cancel our trip to Bangkok since apparently it’s Ondoy level there already. We were supposed to go to Pattaya but then it wouldn’t be the same. Plus, the DFA advised us not to go anymore. Ohwell. I hope we can go there in the future. I really wanna see the elephants (I’ve never seen one before haha) and shop, shop, shop.


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