My thoughts and some pictures: Kasciyahan 2011

This school year, I was part of the Socio-Cultural Committee of my college’s student council which only means one thing…handling the one and only Kasciyahan, our college’s three-week long sportsfest! It was a huge responsibility because this was a college-wide event. And people can get very competitive. As in, very.

our official logo. cute, right?

I was a co-head and I gotta say, I learned a lot from managing this event. Some were good, some were bad. It was pretty hectic. For almost one month, I got so stressed my eyebags were like 2 shades darker (and bigger), my skin got so dark, and I started losing weight.

I guess it was partly my fault. I didn’t expect it to be so toxic. There are lots of aspects needed to be considered such as venues, equipments, sponsorships, marketings, and more! I didn’t realize how intense situations can be and was therefore not that prepared. And since I’m such a weak girl (physically), naturally it got to me. The most stressful part for me was scheduling the events. NOTHING as in nothing went as planned. So you have to do the scheduling and make decisions right at the moment. It’s pretty hard because you have to consider the players of each institute and if it’s fair for all. Gah, for the record. I’m not good at these things. I am a follower and so it was my first time (in a looooong time) to step up and be responsible for each decision by the SCC. At first, I felt anxious because of the complaints made by people but thankfully I wised up and didn’t care. It’s hard being an events head because people are gonna talk no matter what. But the most important thing to remember is that you MUST not care too much because it is YOUR event and every single decision you make must be followed. Just like what some say, “Ikaw ang batas.”

I felt scared when some of my friends kept on saying that to me at first. Even if I know they are right, I was still doubting myself–if I was capable enough to pull that strong personality off. In the end, I’m not sure if I did have a strong impact on others but what I was sure of is that I did my job well and I got to stay true to myself and firm on my decisions. I was never biased to my institute. People are gonna keep saying I was though. But I didn’t mind it because there really are people who will never stop saying that. And I’m saying this because this happens all the time–in different circumstances in real life. All I know is, there are some petty things that you shouldn’t waste your time on. As long as you do what you have to do, then you are doing the right thing. Of course, I never made harsh decisions. I consulted plenty of people beforehand so that I know I’m not being selfish or rash.

I’m forever thankful to my councilmates who were there when I needed them. Thanks for backing me up and helping me. Yeah, I did break down during one cheerdance practice. But that’s because I fell from a stunt we were doing and the tears just wouldn’t stop coming out then. But I was grateful for it because I got to release my frustrations. It’s hard when your physically and mentally tired at the same time.

The most important thing I learned here is that you must always prepare beforehand. If you’re planning an event, you must visualize everything that’s going to happen from start to finish. You should really focus on the things people neglect the most such as cords, reservation letters, equipments, etc. Detailed ideas are the way to go! I have to admit, I didn’t do this quite well. And I guess that’s where all the stress came from. But it was okay. At least I know now. This has been a very meaningful learning experience for me. I’m forever thankful I got to head this event because at least now I know what to do. What to expect in similar situations and how to act upon it. And from there, I can be a better person…in time.

Anyway, it may seem so dramatic but it’s not really that dramatic. Towards the end, everyone had a great time and were pleased with the results. I was really satisfied with the outcome of this event. I think I’m the only one who’s so emotional from all of this because I rarely get into hard situations. Yeah, my life is easy. In fact, it’s too easy I believe it’s not good for me. That’s why I’m happy that I got to take this opportunity and experience it fully because it helped me grow as a person and as a leader. Naks. Chos lang iyong leader.

Here are some pictures. I love the CS spirit!

me smiling!!

candid shot of SCC during a basketball matchgame on! chemistry vs math

Institute of Biology – Tug o War

Institute of Physics – Ultimate Frisbee National Institute of Geological Sciences – preparing for a football match NIGS and IC – the wonderful (and crazy) game of chess

Institute of Math – Volleyball
 My favorite game – Table Tennis. I was a referee

institute of math mammoths

Okay, since this is the only sport I ‘joined’, here are 2 photos for NIMBB!

the original flying sexy girls on full Xthe maskara/fiesta segment institute of bio-wolvesnational institute of geological sciences dirty oresinstitute of chemistry chimaeras

NIMBB has a great support team. Go yellow! during a football match

me and janella holding the 1st and 2nd over-all trophieskasciyahan champions! congrats, chem!

nimbb won third place overall! congrats, love you guys ❤my greatest supporter and one of my best friends, Ram

(all photos were taken by Ram)


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