Baguio Food

So I’m no food blogger by any means. Yes, I love food but I’m not the one who can describe a dish with full details. Buuuuut…I know when one is super yummy so all I can do for the mean time is to recommend and show you pictures! Perhaps in the future, I can try being a more dedicated and hands-on food blogger. But I have to keep on watching lots of Master Chef, Junior Master Chef (Philippines!), and Curiosity got the Chef episodes on TV. And I have to start cooking HAHAHA.

Btw, check out Curiosity Got the Chef, it’s a cooking show at the Lifestyle Network on Wednesday at 9:30 pm, Thrusdays at  8 am, Saturdays at 6pm, and Sundays at 10:30am. They recently wrapped the first season so I’m not sure if there will be new episodes. If you’re even more curious, check out to see their recipes. The dishes showcased are Filipino foods with a modern twist so it’s quite an attraction. Plus, the set-up of the kitchen is really cool and gives of that yuppie look haha.


This entry should be about the restaurants we dined in and the food we ate during our recent trip to Baguio. If you go to Baguio, you will definitely have a nice time going to these places.


This place is relatively new and is part of a Bed and Breakfast Inn. It is located in Loakan Road, fairly around the corner. 

(credits to Ms. Mich Guevara of

The moment I entered this place, I loved it. The whole vibe is very home-y and intimate. It’s quite pricey though but the service, the food, and the setting is worth it! There’s a friendly jazz band and a fireplace which is perfect for those chill nights in Baguio. This is perfect for families and for sweet, cheesy dates (ahihihi).

The food is ultra-yum (is there such a word/s??). And they were presented in the artsy classy way which always gets me hesitant to them. Design is as important as the taste itself!


left to right: steak, hungarian sausage, salpicado

my favorite: cream dory with tomato and mango dressing (gotta love the presentation!)


Carlo’s Pizza at Camp John Hay originated from Baguio but it already has branches in Manila! I love the pizza! Not the best I’ve ever tasted but still it is very tasty and quite popular. It’s inside the Commissary area which is a nice place to relax and “shop” as well 🙂


I haven’t seen a 50’s Diner branch in Manila but they are pretty popular in Baguio. I’ve seen three branches all over the city. I’m not sure if they really had diners during the 1950s because I always thought it was a 1970-1980s thing. But, ohwell…they are a signature era from the States and the food there is really what one would expect from the States. Overall, it’s yummy and they have large servings so I’m really gonna go there when I get back! Plus, I love the pink lights.

(credits to Panda2 of igougo)

ano daw? pussy foot? what is that?!?their famous 50s burger!

tracey and her shirley temple drink

papa’s yummy breakfast (this was lunchtime for us of course)

my mickey mouse drink! see the smiling face?

So there you go! Here’s my first try. I hope I really pulled off that poser food blogger persona. Haha. And I know I should be writing more deep entries but I’m not really good at writing! It takes me an hour or two to really have a well-thought draft! But in the future, yes I will definitely do that. With lots of pictures, of course. 


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