Wow, I am on a roll. This is my fourth entry in two days! I guess I really do love sembreak…I’m starting to have withdrawal symptoms. This continuous blogging of mine is a sign—a sign that there will be no more lazy days in the coming weeks. Boo.

This entry is dedicated to my dream hobby…the art of flower arrangement. Yes, it is an art! Although I have yet to take classes on Flower Arrangement 101 (which I am totally serious by the way…perhaps in the summer), I can say that it’s pretty hard. You have to have the right vision, knowledge, and technique to pull off something that would be considered appealing to many.

Ever since I saw quaint little flower shops in Korea and after I watched Princess Hours and Boys Over Flowers, I wanted to have my own flower shop in the future!I know it’s not a booming business in the Philippines but I’m still hoping for ingenious (eureka!) ideas will come by and I can help boost the flower industry’s popularity!Β In the meantime, I’m stuck with experimenting (and I suck) but you got to start somewhere, right?

Last October 31, the ladies of the family gathered to make flower sets for our beloved love ones who passed away which we left at the cemetery. We bought all the fresh and beautiful flowers in Baguio because my mum can’t resist and decided to make our own flower sets instead of buying bouquets. As we grow older, it’s best that we channel our inner creativity! It’s healthy!

Our peg (haha)

Baskets and foams

our materials

My work of art. The theme is “layers” haha

my sister’s work of art. she called it “forest”

My tita’s work of art entitled “last one standing”

my yaya’s work of art. so simple yet this is what i prefer usually!

my mum’s WORKS of art; the first one is ” “, the second one is “minimalist”

my lola’s WORKS of art. what a pro!

looks real, right? it’s not!

testing our autofocus photograph skills

Dali, let’s start a busines


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