Be happy

Holla! It’s been a while! 

I’m so busy with school and extra-curriculars so I haven’t had the chance to blog. But December is here, and it’s my most favorite time of the year so I wanna get rid of all the stress and just be glad about life. So even if I had tons of lab reps, org duties, and many more stuff, I’ll do my best and blog about what’s been happening in my life….even up to the little things.

I’m taking the NMAT this weekend and I’m so nervous! I haven’t had the time to study hard because of all the school stuff but I WILL do my best. Actually, I really thought of taking this a test run, to gauge my self and the questions they’ll be giving. But it doesn’t hurt to try my bestest nad hopefully gain that awwesome 99th percentile :)) I wish!

Anyway, I’m off to class hoping that lab won’t take too long. We’re also holding our college’s annual Christmas Karolfest! Goodluck to MBBS Star Activity and the CSSC 🙂 

I’ll be posting a video after this post. Hahaha! Can you still post a video within a long post in WordPress? The new layout’s making me dizzy! 🙂  


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