And now, I shall spend my short time of rest by catching up on movies. I just finished Geek Charming starring Haley of Modern Family. I love her, she’s so pretty. And funny! I’m watching One Day now starring the one and only Anne Hathaway and one of my favorite British stars, Jim Sturgess. So far, it’s good but I stopped in the middle and I think I might wanna read the book first before finishing it. Gosh, they’re so bee-yoo-tiful together ❤ Finally, I’ll start reading Catching Fire! I just read the Hunger Games novel last weekend and I fell in luuuuuuuv with Peeta and Katniss. It definitely is a girl’s book! I’m looking forward to the movie as well. I couldn’t believe I thought it was boring the first time I saw it which was a year ago. Haha. If you haven’t watched the trailer, here it is! Look out for Rue’s hum at the end. Chillz to the bones!

ILY Josh Hutcherson

       Lastly, here’s Coca Cola’s campaign entitled “Where Will Happiness Strike?” for the Philippines!

       Tagos. I love watching videos like these. It shows you the kindness in people’s hearts and the importance of family. And yes, Christmas in the Philippines is the best! That’s why it is my most favorite time of the year. There’s just something about our Pasko that gives me hope for our country. We are genuinely kind-hearted happy people! If only we could find a way to use that for our advantage.

       Random “did-you-know” thingamajig: One of my hobbies is searching men from the US Army/Navy come home and surprise their families. I swear, it’s really touching. I cry ALL the time. Life is so important. Spending it with the ones you love every single second of the day should never be taken for granted. It may be hard, but we must always be grateful. The thankful people are the happy people 🙂

     Gosh, I’m getting so sappy and cheesy. Blame it on all the reds and greens all around! Christmas time is here! 🙂


2 thoughts on “NMAT IS OVER!

  1. Kumusta NMAT? Syempre, 99+ ka! :)) JIM STURGESSSSSSSS! Ang galing niya sa Across the Universe. <333 Grabe rin yung iyak ko sa Coca Cola vid. Siguro dahil malapit sa akin ung topic? Haha.

    • Aww Sarah! Sobrang ganda nung Coke video and ang sweet talaga ng mga OFWs, I can only imagine iyong nafe-feel mo 🙂 And Jim Sturgess, ang ganda ng voice niya diba? ALL MY LOVING talaga 🙂 NMAT is so bleh, bawi next year ako haha 🙂

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