MBBS Star Activity

Congrats to MBBS for winning second place at the Carolfest! Everyone did a good job and they were all genuinely happy.

I love our song, Limang Dipang Tao. It’s been a favorite of mine since high school and it’s a very hard song to pull off! From what I know, they had to decipher Ryan Cayabyab’s messy handwritten notes just to make the midis and all. That’s why listening to their performance was awesome and you know they really worked hard on it!

And also, the props! The jeepney was great, it really looks like a real jeepney, huh? I made the foil linings! Woohoo!

Here are more pictures from the night. Isn’t it obvious how much I love Carolfest? HAHAHA It’s just been a tradition that I’ve come to look forward to every year 🙂

singing Carol of the Bells

our jeepney!

More under the cut…


Sorry mama, pasensya ka na/ Akala ko asawa kitaPa-ruh!

With Isay, Cherry, Melvin, and Dianne

We went to ChicBoy afterwards to celebrate.

Melvs, Rej, and Dianne

Noel V and Ate Thea (puhretty)

Ate Larie and Marian (puhretty!)


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