College of Science Carolfest 2011

Last December 2, the College of Science held its annual Carolfest! This year was special because we had a Pailaw event before the contest and then fireworks afterwards. Aaand, it was held at the CS Amphitheater instead of Abelardo Hall. Although I felt the Christmas vibe more at Abelardo Hall, it’s great seeing the National Science Complex becoming more and more alive and useful for us as time goes by. In a few years, I bet siya na pinakasikat na lugar sa Diliman CHOS.

Anyway, as part of the Student Council, we had to organize the event and make the backdrop which was so pretty! Congrats to Patty, Jon Dy, Ate Nicole and everyone for a job well done. I have to admit I only did two boxes (shaaaame) so I didn’t really do anything much but I was so happy it turned out great. It was such a shame that it HAD to rain right after we set the stage up so some of designs got ruined but alas all izz well in the end. I got compliments from people saying the design was good so congrats to CSSC!

Even if we started late, the show was continuous so we ended up on time. It’s nice seeing the CS orgs’ talents and competitive spirit! I love all the creative performances! A job well done indeed. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event even though it rained.

Congrats to PMHS, our Champions! Congrats to MBBS Star Activity, 1st Runner Up! Congrats to the CS Chorale, the best talaga kayo. Best performance goes to Rockhoundz as usual. Lastly, congrats to CSSC once again!

Preparing before the event

Our trophies!

With Jean, Jane, Lorenz

Gifts everywhere

Dean Balmaceda 🙂

CS Chorale is the best!

Our lovely Xmas tree

Lots of performance pictures under the cut 🙂

 ZS sang Don’t Stop Believinnn’

MC sang Only You

MBS sang Man in the Mirror

Audience under the rain


ChemSoc sang Hataw Na


PMHS sang Overdrive! Their props are so cute!

Wootwoot! MBBS sang Limang Dipang Tao

PA, Happy Birthday Shua!

ABM sang a mash up of Teenage Dream and Quit Playing Games W/ My Heart

GEMS, they won Best in Costumes too!

ABM, 3rd place!

love you MBBS

congrats PMHS!

fireworks ❤

missed you Ramm

Congrats CSSC! (blurred, sorry haha)


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