If I Ain’t Got You

Stumbled upon this video on Youtube. It’s a violin cover by a certain someone named Mr. Peter Johnson!

When my kids grow up, they’ll definitely learn how to play an instrument. I just love listening to violin/cello instrumental music.

My grandparents have a cellist friend and I remember listening to his music all the time, particularly his cover of Hiram. It’s like angels humming! Which reminds me, I need to find his CD asap!

It’s 12 am and I’m still doing research for a lab report. You know, sometimes it gets so boring I think of wanting to shift courses. But then I don’t have the time or the will to look for another course in UP that I like besides MBB. So instead, I will myself to like my course and sometimes it pays off! I just spent two hours researching about plasmids and I actually enjoyed it. So now, I’m fully awake and actually having an “okay” time amidst all the stress from school.

Three of my new year’s resolutions would definitely be to REST, SLEEP, and schedule earlier (random).

Good mornight!

PS: Writing at this particular time actually gives me a pleasant feeling.


UPDATE: I was chatting with my sister awhile ago and I told her a funny story with my internship friends last summer. One night, we went to the mall and had drinks till around 1am but then there were no buses at all. So one of the AIESECers called her friend to pick us up and while on the car, the radio started playing this song. So all of us girls started singing along with it ( as in birit talaga) and our German friend was staring at us weirdly and in awe HAHAHA. Then he started taking pictures and he kept on telling us we were funny until the next day. Random!! It was just one of those insanely weird yet funny (and totally not awkward) moments.


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