Spell late.

As usual, exams, labreps, and other school duties got in the way of my posting this on the exact date. But anyway, I’m still gonna blog about it–to remind myself that I did something worth doing last 11/11/11.

I spent the day with the family- my cousin, grandparents, and uncle. My lolo had reservations at the Manila Pavilion so I decided to tag along with them. We went to my uncle’s piano recital which was amazing. It’s called “Music Without Borders” and featured international pianists who went to study under the famed Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz.

According to Wiki, “Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz is a classical pianist from the Philippines. He has won several international piano competitions during his competing career and he is in the forefront in a revival of classical music interest in the country”.

Oh diba. All the performers were great. There fingers were so fast, I got dizzy just looking at them from the projector. One pianist played for like 12 minutes straight. Unbelievable. I wish I had that talent and perseverance HAHAHA. My Uncle was so great, he usually plays classical pieces on the piano every morning during my break…it’s like waking up in a Jane Austen movie. HAHAHA.

Here are pictures:

Mommy and Daddy

at PhilamLife Theater

Mr Jovianney Cruz

More under the cut

from JapanFilipina

from Korea

another Filipino
Tito Gerard *wootwoot*

this guy played a medley of Filipino folk songs turned classical *awesome*from Indonesia, he’s the youngest I think-around 14-15 years old

the whole entourage

we had dinner at Shakey’s afterwardsgetting ready for the breakfast buffet. *heaven*


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