Christmas Day 2011

Spent the 25th and 26th of December with FFL (Friends For Life) at Baguio. We played lots of games and ate Malaysian food! Grabbed some of the photos from Tito Nuf and Ate Dot! Here are pictures with captions!

We stayed at a condotel in Baguio. I think we were the only ones there. With our matching collared shirts, it looked like we were on a fieldtrip! Even the condotel’s dining area looked like a cafeteria haha. But it was cool, they had a gym and a karaoke room with “Philippinese” songs.


playing Bingo with a “twist”; Pat won!

the inevitable Pinoy Henyo; the words were hard!!

the boat is sinking hahaha; so fun to watch!

don’t know what’s the title of this game but you have to enact a particular scene and the most creative team wins

girls again

pink family

parentsXmas isn’t complete without exchanging gifts

malaysian food cooked by ‘The Chef” haha; yum!

this was taken when the lights went off suddenly right after we began talking about ghosts in the building; creepy!

complete class picture

I had a great christmas in the company of great friends! Cheers to future years of friendship and fun! Hope everyone will have a great 2012!


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