Thailand, 2011

riding the tuktuk which was waaay pricey

Photos from our Thailand adventure with FFL (Friends For Life) last sem break. We took a huge risk knowing that the flood there was immense at that time. However, it turned out very well because we didn’t see any flood in inner Bangkok. A weekend in Bangkok will only be sulit for shopping, in my opinion. We didn’t have too much time to see the other food markets and temples. I didn’t get to see the elephants. But no worries because I have another reason to go back someday (hopefully soon). I’d love to explore Bangkok more and know its culture. Did you know it’s the only country in SEA that wasn’t colonized? They also greatly admire their King that’s why their arts and presentations (for example, in food) are very intricate and complex. Because for them, everything must please their King. Such a lovely culture and yummy food as well! Can’t wait to go back, next time I’ll be there for an entire week (or more!). Lots of pictures ahead!

with FFL ❤

at the Suvarnabhumi airport


colorful taxis

Platinum Mall aka HEAVEN

fish spa at the hotel

we took thai massages for every night. so cheap yet soooo good

buffet at our hotel, Baiyoke Sky, Thailand’s tallest hotel! luvett

view from the buffet floor

pad thai

thai iced tea (better than milk tea!!)

mango sticky rice

I didn’t get to take pictures of their pineapples which I swear were the best pineapples I’ve ever tasted. I loved them so much they’re my favorite fruit already. Also, lansones was not in season then so we didn’t get to buy. Boohoo. There’s still a next time! Hihihi!


khob khun ka!


2 thoughts on “Thailand, 2011

  1. Cute naman the FFL. =)) Kainggit I wanna go there. My Tita just came from there and she bought me nice skirts na super mura daw. Nakow ang dami ko namang pagiipunan. Hindi na talaga ako kakain. =))

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