Happy Anniversary to my Parents!

Obligatory post!

Today is the 20th anniversary of my parents! Just wanna say hi to them. Hi, parents! Thank you for the delicious dinner awhile ago. I was so full I fell asleep (napagod?!?) and just woke up now. But aside from the dinner, thank you for your strong relationship which has always inspired me. Your love makes our family stronger (DUH) and I know that there really is true love out there for me. HAHAHA. No matter what, I’ll always have you both. Cheese lang. Just don’t break up FOREVER and everything will be okay. HAHA. Seriously, I don’t wanna get stressed about this. Yeeeees, ginawang issue about me. It’s all about me! HAHA I kidd.

Here’s a photo from when we were in HK Disneyland three years ago.

And a wall full of wishes from my friends! (thanks, guys!)


Anyway, I promised myself I’ll blog every thursday from now on. Yeah, it’s the only promise I can make so far which is so lame. I haven’t gotten a name for my thursdays but for now I’m naming them Tell You Thursdays because I get to tell you something about my life. HAHAHA. So I’ll just tell you some things that happened to me since my last post.

-I got sick last week. Boo. Worst feeling ever! You know the feeling where you just wanna throw up but nothing comes out, that your head is spinning 1000xg 24/7, and that your bones are so flimsy you think they’ll break any second? Oops, I forgot to add the delirium every night. HAHAHA. Yes, just a typical fever situation for me. I bet everyone has had it. I may seem artsy (maarte), but I hate it! I hate feeling weak actually. I pity myself and cry. That’s why I know I can never have bulimia or anorexia, I’ll just get depressed and eat eat eat! Aaaaand, I’m blaming Mexican food and CASAA water for my tummy ache which started the whole fever. Totally not gonna eat them anytime soon.

-We had a coming-of-age themed sleepover last weekend at Edlen’s. It was fun! We really stuck to the theme. We went grocery shopping (adult), baking (second childhood), played gifttrap (second childhood), drank wine (transition to adulthood once more). We watched the movies Lion King (childhood), Geek Charming (puberty stage), and Dead Poets Society (totally coming of age!!!!). I think I want to blog more about Dead Poets Society in the future because it has so many striking lines. It’s one of those classy American films which are straight to the heart (and I love it!)

-Got addicted to Temple Run and Junior Masterchef Australia. Enough said. Go download the app and the episodes. Best things ever.

That’s all. Pretty lame actually. But mostly I’m just having fun and not doing anything. More to come in the next weeks. Oh! The extra curricular work I do for my orgs UPSCA and AIESEC is doing really well. I actually got to progress each day! Love it.

Hoping for the better,



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