The Night Circus

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The circus arrives without warning.

My friend, arcticbeetle, told me about this book last Wednesday and I started reading it on her Kindle during lab. This book is storytelling at its finest, I daresay. The author has a unique style and a clear imagination that’s why I can’t stop reading it. I’ve been sleeping past 3am since Wednesday just to finish this book. It’s quite a catch , especially when all the books I recently bought in stores are mostly chicklit and downright shallow and plain.

As you can guess from the title, the setting of the book is in an enchanting circus. I love anything that has to do with circuses (tama ba plural ko?!). I love Big Fish, The Vampire’s Assistant, The Illusionist, and more. It just seems so out of this world and someday I’d really want to visit one, if they still exist. This is also a love story (woah, big surprise there hahaha).  The leads are sort of star crossed lovers and all. Cheese but so good!

Anyway, the whole story is actually something that I can’t fully comprehend yet I am fully satisfied with every page. It’s sort of direct and doesn’t show too much detail but it really delivers! It’s like I know where the plot is going but then I get surprised when I actually get there (which is kind of fun for me). As for the other details, I can actually imagine the intricate tents and performances in the circus. To be honest, I’m not sure if any movie version can do justice to the book because it’s just so magical that it’s gonna take a lot of EFFORT to pull off the appearances of each character and situation. My favorite characters are Marco, Celia, Mr. A.H., and Bailey!

I think the most important thing I learned from The Night Circus is that magic and illusion is really cool. But they are different from each other. And shouldn’t be played with for fun. People think that magic is only deception but what if it is true? Mehn, I’m pretty certain I’ll get super stressed thinking about this in the days to come. HAHA.

My friend told me the movie adaptation might star Ellen Page, who is one of my favorite actresses because I love Juno so much! In fact, Juno is probably my most favorite movie to date. HAHAHA. It might also star Andrew Garfield who is adorable! Anyway, I hope I didn’t jinx anything.

Just to clarify, I am by no means a book reviewer. As I said in my previous posts, I can only recommend. And this book is a great read. It’s fresh and mysterious, in a way.

To cap this off, let me give you a glimpse of my favorite tent in the circus, The Wishing Tree:

“It is not a tent that is stumbled upon,” Marco says.
“It is found when it is needed, instead. It is one of my
favorite tents. You take a candle from the box at the
entrance and light it from one that already burns on
the tree. Your wish is ignited by someone else’s

He will always choose the circus.


4 thoughts on “The Night Circus

  1. I’m glad you liked it! :> Totoo yan, feeling ko di nila kaya i-pull off ung mysteriousness ng Le Cirque, unless si Tim Burton ung director. Fave ko ung last dialog between Widget and Mr. A. Ang daming quotable quotes. And lastlyyy, gusto ko maging reveur! Hahaha.

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