Tell-You Thursdays! Hahahaha. See, I can do this. Anyway, I’ve decided to just talk about my feelings whenever it’s Thursday and not show you guys some new video I found that’s cool (which I’ve kinda been doing recently).

The past few days, I’ve been feeling kind of down because I realized that there’s no creativity inside me. Before, I used to write stories, draw, and even sing! But now, it’s like I’m stuck in a zone where I can’t improve myself. It sucks being in a place where you just don’t know who you are or who you’d like to be? And a repercussion is that I blame almost everything about my shortcomings. My course, my orgs, my self (#dramamodeon). I always think that I hate my course because I’m not happy about it. It’s like I just accept and accept every single lesson but I don’t really come to appreciate it. And I always think that I cannot shift because I don’t want any other course in UP except for this. Plus, I’m in my third year already and that’s one year shy from graduation. And if I want to be a doctor, this will give me a great “background” but the thing is I don’t think my grades and my NMAT score (#whataletdown) will be enough to pass in PGH. Call me a brat/hypocrite or whatever, if I don’t pass in PGH, I won’t pursue med (or at least that’s what I think now). It’s been a dream and hopefully one that won’t pass by.

But last night, I realized that this is getting me nowhere. I remember reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and the number 1 habit is to be PROACTIVE. This means to stop  whining and just do things. And for me, this is the most effective advice I can get! It kind of gives you focus which is something I lack big time these days. Anyway, I must stop whining and blaming and just do things. No more overthinking. I seriously believe it’ll make you cray cray!

Right now, I’m studying for a test I have tomorrow. I just took a break because I must write something in this blog. After all, it’s a Thursday! Yay, I hope I’ll be reinstating my Tardy Not Thursdays and Tuesdays and I’m hoping that it’ll work in my favor.

Hoping for the best and expecting the worst,



2 thoughts on “PRO

  1. hi cel. 🙂 i think i can identify with the discouraging environment you feel you are in. but just keep on keeping on. it may help to contemplate how being in mbb/being a doctor will fit in the bigger puzzle of the world. we have to trusting, keep on believing, keep on holding on that we have a purpose- He has a plan. 😉 in the end, He wants us happy. you’ll find your niche. 🙂 for now, hinga lang! and do the best you can with what you have and in where you are. push away all the nega thoughts, nega comments, nega everything! i myself see your potential yii. go lang nang go 😀

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