Happy 4_th, Pa!

Obligatory post.

It is my father’s 4o-something-th birthday today! I asked him how old he was but he said that it doesn’t matter. That once you reach the 40s, you shouldn’t count anymore. Hahaha. I say, whatever because he still looks young (uuuuuuy).

Anyway, we had a nice dinner at home with lotsa food. Too bad I did not get to take pictures. We had my yaya’s new dish which we call: Prawn Skewers with Buttercream Filling (ala Junior MasterChef). So yum!

I did not have time to prepare for anything so I made a poster for my dad which I originally intend to put in the mirror but I didn’t have time so I just taped it on the wall. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery is dead so I’ll post the poster tomorrow. I actually got the idea from Bianca Gonzalez’s (tama ba possessive noun ko?) blog. Of all the blogs that I read, hers is the best! Definitely one of my idols in life.

Anyway, love you Daddy dearest! I will beat you in Call of Atlantis soon! Please don’t be mad at me whenever I fail at driving. I promise I’ll drive soon and you’ll be proud of me! HAHAHA.

Love lots from your lovely daughter,



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