The Philosophy of Lying

Tell you thursdays! 🙂 Woah, I’m doing this right haha.

Today, my professor in Philo1 shared an interesting “theory” made by Nietzche. It’s called the Philosophy of Lying. Oooooooh aaahhhh. Anyway it just states that “if you are to tell one lie, you have to tell ten more.” This is done to ‘restore a semblance of consistency’…since TRUTH is marked by consistency.

So apparently, one lie is not enough. You have to fabricate a very concrete story by making more lies. So in order for a lie to be considered the truth, it has to be backed up by more lies? Hmmmm. What if…after all this time…the things we consider to be the truth are actually a whole web of lies? Okay….I’m just confusing myself (haha) but hey you never know right? Okay, I just typed plenty of ellipses in this post (random).

Well, actually that’s all I have to say! Haha. I know, this post does not make any sense at all. But I have to write something and when I was jotting down notes awhile ago, I figured that I should be talking about this lying philosophy. I want to go more in depth but then there’s nothing more to it. I don’t want to elaborate further. Okay, sobrang walang kwenta ng post na ito. Haha.

To make up for this completely unremarkable post, here’s a random photo I found on Tumblr that made my heart heavy (chos):

ultimate couple pre-break up

I love the O.C. I think it’s the first teenage/high-school US series I’ve ever watched with enthusiasm. Oooooh, enthusiast talaga ako sa mga ganitong bagay. I remember back in Grade 5 when I would sneakily watch the series on ETC during Wednesdays, 8pm because I’m afraid my mother would “not approve”. Heck, I wasn’t even reading Candy mag back then. Haha. Anyway, this couple made my heart break. They were the cutest. And for the record, I love dorks haha. I mean, who doesn’t?

Anyway, love is around the corner. It’s February! Can’t believe time passes by so soon. I feel like I’m only 12 (O.A.) but instead I’m turning 20 in a few months. What is this fu**ery? Huhuhu.

No. I must not be unhappy. I shall erase these negative air around me. I should be happy this month even if I don’t have an ahem ahem special friend. To all lovebirds out there, bring your cheesiest cheese moments out! Hahaha.

About unhappiness, I stumbled upon this quote from Paolo Coelho on Tumblr just a few minutes ago and I wanted to add it here. It goes like this:

No one should ever ask themselves that: why am I unhappy? The question carries within it the virus that will destroy everything. If we ask that question, it means we want to find out what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have now, then we must either change once and for all or stay as we are, feeling even more unhappy.
For the record, I always feel the need to be happy because I think that I’m too unhappy in life. Or better  yet, I think I’m stuck in a position where I can’t do anything I want freely (or bring about any current change) because I’m on my way to my dream goal (or job for that matter). I think I mentioned before that all I really want in life is to be happy-any time, any place. But how does one be happy? Ugh, this is the question that pops in my mind everyday. I can’t just define happiness because it depends on the person, right? It’s a good thing I don’t ask myself why I am unhappy. I don’t want to delve. I just want to change for the better and focus on that instead. Go away, bad vibes! OOOH, chos lang.

3 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Lying

  1. i guess the pursuit of happiness is really a lifelong struggle. sabi nga ni st. josemaria diba: begin and begin again! choose to be happy again and again 🙂 you are loved, cel :* rooting for you! 😀 he also said din pala na usually when we’re sad, that means we’re thinking of ourself only lang kasi 😮 it’s helping me a lot in my struggle really to contemplate on this and instead turn my attention to how i can make others happy/what i can do (kahit gano kaliit!!) for the others 😉 keeping you in my prayers 😀 p.s. GOODLUCK SA CS WEEEEEEK 😀 baka nood ako cs idol hehe 🙂

  2. PAHABOL: but i also want to affirm sayo pala na it’s okay to be sad ha! we have to embrace our humanity hehe. it’s what we do with our feelings that’s important. NUXXXXXXX. see you soon!!!

  3. Thanks Ate C! You always inspire me and make me happy whenever I think about these life problems hahaha. 🙂 You’re right, I should stop thinking about myself and focus on helping others instead! And hindi ko pa napanuod iyong There Be Dragons HUHUHU 🙂 Love and miss you! Bisita ka please 🙂

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