New Fave Couple

I mentioned in my last post that my favorite celebrity couple would have to be Adam and Rachel but that’s non-existent now. Boo.

Good thing I have a new one! I just hope they won’t break up 2-3 years after the whole Spiderman promotions. I love Spiderman, by the way. He’s my favorite superhero.

I love you Andrew and Emma. I loved you both when you were single and now as a couple…please don’t break up.


I don’t know if this is legit but it’s sweet (almost rhyming!). Just saw this on Tumblr.

Andrew on Emma:

“She’s the best. She’s very talented and I knew that going in. I didn’t know how nice she was going to be and how funny and how sweet and how generous she was going to be as a human being. She’s the kind of girl who brings cupcakes in for the crew and doesn’t tell them that they are from her. She really wanted to get under the skin of the character and make something authentic and real. She’s playful and fun and silly and constantly helped me to stay in a place where I didn’t take things too seriously. That’s important for me because I’m pretty serious as a person. It gets on my nerves how serious I can be. So she was a real gift..


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