It’s a thursday!

Since I don’t have anything juicy or interesting to show you, I’ve decided to just talk about some of the interesting topics I learn from my general electives. Last week, I mentioned something from Philo1 and now I’ll talk about something from AP 12. Here’s a quote from our last reading Paglalaro ng Salita by Melba Maggay:

“Kapag sinabing ‘Iniibig kita’ ang kausap ay kasama sa gayong pagtingin, hindi lamang siya object ng ating nararamdamang pagtangi.”

Since it’s the month of love and staying single for 19 years, I decided to talk about this. Actually, I heard it from another GE before and I just like to ponder at the thought of how different Filipinos really are from the rest of the world. I always liked the idea of guys telling their girlfriends “Mahal kita” instead of “I love you” just because I never hear it nowadays, even in local movies or dramas. Everyone just has to say it in English. But no one realizes the duality present in “I love you. It speaks of a subtle distance between the object (I) and the predicate (you). Isn’t it more endearing, more sweet, more genuine in Filipino? Plus, two words lang haha. The kita part sums it all. It just shows that the two of you are in it together (yes, dami kong alam eh haha) and that you’re not just thinking about your emotions and expressing it but also emphasizing the fact that it’s an expression meant for two people. Awwww. Anyway, it’s more romantic for me. People should start saying this again in speeches, weddings, and movies! It can totally sweep a girl’s feet. Or at least mine. Si John Lloyd nalang ata nagsasabi ng ganito eh, kaya siya lang ang legit HAHAHA.

On another note, I like how we value our kapwa so much and that we always have to feeeeeel around things with other people. It just goes to show that we care about others, whether we are close with them or not. Is that such a crime?! It’s actually healthy to be blunt at times but I’d rather prefer people who can understand other people just by looking at them. At least you’re both on the same wavelength and sooner or later, you and the other party can talk things through if ever there are things to be talked about.

That’s all.