At the Hostel

It’s Feb 16. A thursday.

For some reason, I always remember this date. It was the date of my first prom back in high school, FIVE years ago. Shet, so old. Seriously though, it really seems like yesterday or better yet a mere two years ago lang when I was in high school but now I’m a year shy from completing my course (hopefully). Anyway, I liked that prom hahaha. It wasn’t perfect. I should have been more confident (ha!). But it was memorable. I know I have a short retention memory and so far in this life of mine, I’ve only remembered two dates that I’m not obligated to remember (eg. birthdays, holidays, etc). And feb 16 is one of them. I’ll post another entry on the other date! HAHAHA.

Anyway, here’s a video I want to share. It happened last Summer when my hostel-mates and I were bored and wanted to do a video. I just updated my Youtube account and this is the first one I’ve uploaded. It’s lame but if you’re bored, please watch. HAHA. I’ve got nothing to share actually. I don’t usually bring my camera anywhere so I don’t have recent photos. I’ll have to grab good ones from my friends.

Have a great weekend! Summer is so near!


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