Wow. The month of February drifted by so fast. Time just moves so fast right now. Anyway, this week has been hell-ish for me! It’s our CS Week and I’ve been going home late for the past three days (which has not happened in such a loooong time). I had two exams and a lab rep as well. The 130 (my major) exam was a bummer. Seriously, even if I studied so hard, I wasn’t sure of my answers. Probably one of the hardest exams I’ve taken in a while. My Philo1 exam was easier but still I hope I get a high score or perhaps my prof will curve.

Wednesday was pretty tiring. We had our game show night and despite it being not publicized well, I’m still grateful for everyone who went especially from NIMBB who truly did us a huge favor. I love my institute. Haha. Anyway, past is past and I just wanna move on and start anew especially since I’m entering my last undergrad year soon.

Thursday night was the  Bb. Bato? event and as usual, it’s so funny! Geosoc is just so awesome with their concepts and designs and all the contestants are so game for everything. I like a successful event and of course the people who work hard for it. I’m happy that the organizers and the participants really worked their best and proved themselves. Great people. I love rocks!

Tomorrow will be our CS Idol event which is headed by Ramm. I’m wishing him all the luck! Anyway, it’s been a while since we last held an event in the CS Atrium because construction has been going for the past two systems. They’re going to make the library bigger and “better” *ahemahem*. It sucks because we can’t do anything about it. I love the CS building especially the super messy CS office. I can’t believe we’re all going away and transferring to the NSC (hopefully) soon! For the past two years, it has been a home and of course the library will be bigger and better and more famous but it’s the other places in that building that I’ll miss. Plus, they are instant venues for events–you don’t even need to get a permit or to pay for them. And so, goodbye to hassle-free reservations and hello once more to stressful ocular inspections!

To end this post, here’s my 18th birthday video. Haha, I finally had the guts to upload it. If you even bother to look at it, you’ll see the beauty that is me UP Diliman and our very clean National Science Complex! No judging!


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