Linsanity and more


I don’t know what to write about actually so I’ve decided to talk about my current inspirations for the past two weeks.

Jeremy Lin. I feel so happy just thinking about his underdog story because seriously this almost never happens in real life (only in the movies). Not only is he skilled in the sports area, he had a 4.2 GPA during high school and went to Harvard! He loves God and lives in NY. He’s also friends with NigaHiga and KevJumba, two of the few people in this world I really really wish I could be friends with. I mean come on, with friends like those you’ll probably have 8-pack abs from laughter and happiness 24/7.  Just seeing him  do his nerdy handshake and play artsy fartsy basketball…hay! Super inspiring! *Try and try until you die*

(gifs from tumblr)

Immuno. I finally have a lab for thesis! I’m so happy because the Immuno lab was the lab I really liked. I passed my letter of intent the day after the colloqium. That’s how much I wanted it HAHA. I thought I wouldn’t be chosen even if I passed my application early because my interview just sucked big time. Who would answer “poor time management” when asked, “what is your greatest weakness?” Yeah, only I would do that. *shame*

Books. Recently, i’ve found myself constantly in the need to read a book. Best stress reliever ever. I’ve finished two inspiring and heartfelt books that I wanna share with everyone.

              The Fault in Our Stars (by John Green) is a story about two people who has had cancer. This book introduced me to new feelings I’ve never felt. It gives a great insight on what cancer does to people. Emotional baggage huhu. I cried so much in the end. It’s so bittersweet. It’s told in a teen angst -very Meg Cabot- way. It’s not the best book I’ve read so far since there are some parts which i felt was forced but it really has heart. Plus, lots of quotable quotes in this book. I recommend making a list while reading it.

Some infinities are larger than other infinities. (photo from tumblr)

               The Help (by Kathryn Stockett) is a story about racism and women empowerment. I love it because all the characters are women and it just illustrates how prevalent racism was in America even in the 1960s. I love Skeeter, Aibeleen, and Minny. I actually really really like the name Minny (haha). Anyway, I’ve been meaning to watch the movie which stars Viola Davis, Emma Stone, and Bryce Dallas Howard but I wanted to read the book first because everyone says its good. And it did not disappoint!

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. (photo from tumblr)

Call Me, Maybe. Everyone should go watch the music video for this song  and look out for the guy who’s mowing the lawn. Haha. I swear, when I first saw him…nastress ako sa kagwapuhan. I don’t really like model-looking faces cause I find them very unreal and douchebag-y but this person is perfection. HAHAHA. Watch it, now!

ahhhh those eyes

Temple Run. I promised to abstain from playing Temple Run this Lenten season. I miss it so much. I can’t hone my jumping skills anymore and I’ve just gotten better acquainted with the Asian girl (my favorite character). Huhu. Here’s a Temple Run movie trailer  I found which is so cool. Wish it was true. Hahaha!


so good hahaha

That’s all! Have a great weekend ahead! This week has been pretty chill for me but I know the rest of the month would be HELL. Wish me luck 🙂


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