We had an outreach for one of our subjects, MBB 194. My friend Isay organized the whole thing and we all pitched in. I was in charge of prizes so I bought lots of Goya chocolate for the kids. I hope they weren’t diabetic 😛 ( i should have asked huhu). We brought in spaghetti and lumpia from the amazeballs UP Lutong Bahay and gave assorted sweets as lootbags. It was my first time to really be in an outreach created by a small group of people and it was more special because I was with all my friends even if it was for a brief period of time. I think I want to do another outreach for the kids there in PCMC just because 🙂

Here are some pictures (from Isay and Cherry):

abusing the playground (our only group photo)

We went to Albert first to prepare the loot bags. I forgot my id and ate guard was so strict (kainis). I had to beg just so that she’ll let me in. Ang tagal na pala nito. Nowadays, she lets me in even without an id.

so happy

goodies and valentine's day cards

We arrived and just asked for kids who were free at the time: those who were playing and/or waiting for their number. We asked them to make Valentine’s Day cards for their parents. So creative, these kids. (baka mag pedia ako nito haha)



🙂 with Dianne


i belong haha

We did the Longest Sound game.

playing the "longest sound" game

Sarah was in charge of story telling time. She made this flash presentation which was so cute. TORRE

Sarah's flash presentation of Hope for the Flowers

I asked this kid how his check-up went. He told me in a jolly way that he needed some blood and probably a bone marrow transplant . It’s just not right that these kids are sick at such a young age. But life happens and all one can do is help them in any way: make them happy, make them live life, help them live. That’s a noble mission in life.

Louis 🙂

The world is too big to just think about one’s self. I believe that in anything you do, you must always think of other people. Time is too precious to think about yourself and your needs all the time. Even if you’re young, you can think of how you want to play your life and hopefully, you would want to be connected with other people’s lives as well. For the greater good.

had to put this in


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