Molecular Model

Haaaaay. Another Thursday coming by so fast! Today, I shall talk about my favorite protein in the whole world (cue nerd talk)…Green Fluorescent Protein!

 For my Biophysics class, we had to make a molecular model of a protein of our choice. My group chose the GFP isolated from the only cute jellyfish in the world, Aequoria victoria. We chose this because it’s the protein we’ve been working on for our lab over the entire semester and it’s pretty much the only protein I’ve worked with love so far. Chos. Plus, it fluoresces.

Anyway, we thought it’ll be easy to make the model but it’s so hard. I just came back from an overnight over at my groupmate’s house and even if we spent over three days brainstorming and shopping for materials (we spent so much huhu), we just could not make it perfect. I feel a little depressed haha but it fluoresces and I hope that’s good enough. Please, this is 15% for a 1 unit subject! A 1 unit subject! Ahhh the things you do for major subjects.

This is our ‘peg’:

Julian Andreae sculpture

Yeah, too awesome but it’s 5’6” in height haha! We wanted to go with the same concept though–all steel. We wanted to name our GFP, the “Minimalisteel GFP”, get it? But we’re still working on that. It’s too hard cutting wires and meshes. Everytime I touch our barrel, I prickle my fingers huhu. And they feel so rough right now. So frustrating, I am not meant to do physical work at all. #weak #nowonderitsadyingart #kidding #damnhashtags

Tomorrow’s the presentation and I’m hoping we’ll pull it off. I’ll update this post with a picture of our model, hoping anyone who reads this will be impressed. Asa.

UPDATE: Pictures of our beloved Vic/Vicki (we named it HA):

Love you dear model even if it hurts (literally, wire mesh iyong material namin)

with lights (what a cute lightbulb chromophore)

with fake UV light (ooohlala)

Sidenote: We were so out of energy when we woke up awhile ago that we just decided to go to the mall and buy some art materials right away. No hilamos, no ligo, no change of clothes (eeew). Once we entered, we saw that the Hunger Games movie was already premiering (on its 2nd day!) and we just decided to watch so that we’ll have energy and inspiration again. I loved it! There were only four of us in the movie house and I just paid 150php instead of the 250php ticket I was supposed to get so I could watch it tomorrow. Wooohooo, it was okay. Kinda makes you dizzy but it was really faithful to the book and that’s what I love about it. Love you, Peeta! HAHA

Photos grabbed from my friend, Cherry 🙂


2 thoughts on “Molecular Model

  1. san pic ng model niyo? hehehe yung amin sabaw sabaw lang (atpase, so umiikot siya hahaha) pero we really had fun in constructing it! 😀

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