Canon List #1. Fluorescence

Blue waves produced by bioluminescent phytoplankton: Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, Florida Everglades, and Lakshadweep Islands off India (tumblr)

I have decided to make random entries of things I want to go to or do. I’ll put them in my own Canon list: a list that will hopefully embody all my principles in life (past, present, and future). All the places I wanna see, the food I wanna eat, the festivals I wanna attend, and other random phenomena (oo, phenomena talaga) happening all around that are too sweet not to experience. I really really really hope the world does not end this year.

So I hope I’ll be able to achieve all the things I’ll put in this list–no matter how hard it will take me to get to them. For example, I really really want to see this fluorescent phytoplankton in the Maldives because 1) I want to live in see the Maldives and in Florida (Hello, Harry Potter Amusement Park) and 2) I like glowing things (see previous entry as proof). HA. Come on, look at the pictures? Aren’t they magical?

Someday, Daia. Someday, that’s a promise. (cue in: Baby you light up my world like nobody else…)

I randomly found these pictures on tumblr and I thought, “what a great thing to add to my (back then) non-existent list of things I want to do in life.” So there it is. I’m getting pretty excited now. HA. I want to see so many pretty things in this world. Go away, fear of Mayan predictions.



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