It is a tradition in MBB that the juniors shall throw a graduation ball for the graduating students. We decided on a Greek theme complete with Greek awards, costumes, performances, and decorations. This has been a short but memorable moment for me with my blockmates. Everything turned out great. I hope the seniors had an awesome time. I’m psyched for our grad ball next year!

Here are photos:

(Clockwise from top left) the new nimbb resort; decorations prep; message wall for the seniors; final set-up

(clockwise from top left) buffet from Albergus; ze band; souvenir cover photo made by my blockmate, Miguel; lobby of proteins

(clockwise from top left) with Jane, our head; with Cherry, Sarah, and Isay; Greek photo with Patti, Reg, D, and Jann; MBBffs

(clockwise from left) hail!; teledrama pose; the new nimbb reps Josh and Rae; taray Chev and sungit me


(clockwise from left) with Lorenz, Ate Nicole, Kuya Noel; with Sir A; with Ate Ja; with Reg

Good times!