Holy Week

Here are random photos and videos during Holy Week at my hometown, San Fabian. Basically, I just read books and played with little cousins.

I feel happy and refreshed–there’s nothing like a short break from school. Speaking of, my grades are abysmally low–I need to work my ass off for my graduating year.


MBBS Year-Ender (i tried this bungee-trampoline thingy--so fun but my whole back hurt the following day)

played with little cousins -they love me (haha) but boy they're getting taller than me already

(clockwise from top left) looked for my mother's inherited lupa but we couldn't find it; i like looking at bauls--here's one in our garden; parents; stations of the cross at SF church

(clockwise from top left) my lolo has an outstanding father of the year award given by the Pope in our diocese; tupig and carioca; parents playing mahjong complete with a legit table and baby powder haha; Golgotha infinity pool; teledrama flossy flossy pose; missed reading my old Lizzie Mcquire books (best Disney show ever); first time to use the jacuzzi after a long long time; 10 centavo bill during the 1930s (my lolo says this is worth millions now)

(clockwise from top left) Love you, Lord; went to Golgotha and they had new built-in rooms, new gardens, and of course the best infinity pool ever (with an amazing view of the countryside chos)--can't wait to stay there again with family and friends

went to Balungao with FFL (same time last year, i went ziplining in Pugad too)

(clockwise from top left) view from the zip line start point; coconuts (3N) yumm--the summer drink; little kid who's a pro in ziplining (with feet dangling from the air)

And here are videos of my crazy cousins (so fun ordering them around hahaha *evuuul*)

crazy cousin 1 eating nerds

crazy cousins 1 and 2 dancing

Good times.

Let us all in time, then, learn to love as we should, God above all things, and all other things for him. And whatsoever love be not referred to that end, namely, to the good pleasure of God, is a very vain and unfruitful love. And whatsoever love we bear to any creature whereby we love God the less, that love is a loathesome love and hinders us from heaven… Now, since our Lord has so loved us, for our salvation, let us diligently call for his grace that in return for his great love we be not found ungrateful. 


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