Earth Day with Kiehl’s

My friend, Timmy, mentioned this Earth Day Photo Contest of Kiehl’s Manila and I decided to join! The contest centers upon five environmental and SIMPLE tips which we could do every day to help our mother Earth. Personally, I think the tips are eazy and breezy but because they are precisely those, we often neglect these wise words of wisdom. It’s nice that contests like these are being done because they constantly remind us of how important this advocacy is and how we must act upon it –even in simple actions everyday.

So if you care about our mother Earth, do join and you might win a Rare Earth product from Kiehl’s too! First, go to their facebook page and like it:Β Then, click on the Album entitled Earth Day Photo Contest 2012 and read the mechanics! It’s fun and definitely worth your time πŸ˜‰

My chosen tip would have to be “Turn trash into treasure” just because I’d like to think of myself as a creative and resourceful person (even though I’m not exactly that *woooshooo*).

Here’s my photo entry (kakahiya):

Basically, I used Falcon tubes from the lab (way before thesis training). I just thought it’s such a waste to throw them away even if they weren’t really used that much (but they already have contamination from #godknowswhat microorganisms in Albert Hall). Β I think some of them were from post-decon activities or simply ethanol containers. Actually, all the tips, 1.5 mL tubes, 2059, and Falcon tubes in our lab are quite handy if you just use your resourceful mind and use them. They are effective containers which you can just put in your bag or in your shelves. For example, I used these Falcon tubes to carry my black elastics and jackstones set (I bought one over the weekend to reminisce about my childhood chos and how I am an expert in this game).

jackstones and elastics

Voila, now I can play jackstones anytime, anywhere. Also, I won’t be frustrated when it comes to looking for misplaces ponytails in my big bag!

Lastly, I just wanted to share some recyclable things in our lab. We use Gatorade and Sola bottles as waste jars for pipette tips and Cup Noodles jars for our prepared solutions. Quite handy! See, one just has to see the positive light (in this case, uses) of things! Recycle and re-use will help you be a better person.


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