Happy Birthday, Mum :)

Obligatory post! My mother is 4_ years old today!


I’m so lucky to have a great mom. Seriously, she knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING. Whenever I ask her something, it’s like she knows for sure that she is right…which she always is–whether it be about the weather today, directions to go to places, how to act, what to do, etc. That’s why I always get irritated with my dad or my sister (and me, of course) whenever we try to correct her because really, what’s the point? She always has the right intuition and guesses so we might as well just trust her because she gets us through to whatever.


Thus, I always feel secure whenever I am with her and when I am learning from her–especially about life in general. I pray to God everyday that I can be like my mom in the future– a happy woman with a great personality (she is friends with everyone I swear whereas I’m so shy and awkward), great friends, great career, and great (ahem ahem) family. Hope that happens because that means that I have lived a meaningful and good life.

Brave mum at the Zipline

The best thing about my mother–she has a BIG heart for everyone. Just like any mom, she always puts God and her family first and tries to understand us even if we make mistakes and have misgivings almost all the time. Her patience and love overpowers everything (and this is not only for her family–I can see it by the way she treats our friends, helpers, and her patients). That’s why I believe she is a really trustworthy person who can be there for you FOREVER (no FIVE-EVER). She supports and she babies me all the way woohoo. See, I can never be independent in life because I have such an awesome Mama #clingy.

Two years ago

Love you Mama. I know I seldom show it genuinely (sorry po) but I really do (this is true from the bottom of your daughter’s heart). My idol, my role model! #lifepeg

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. Baka magselos si Papa, I loooooove youuuu toooo Fat-her. Thanks for everything.



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