Tap and Trump


I don’t know what to say. I’ve posted two entries since Wednesday. (rhyming)

I was going to continue writing stories about my trips way back but I DO NOT HAVE TIME! As I said before, I thought I would be able to finally get all my blog entries completed but apparently, school is getting ahead. I am starting to feel the heavy workload that my senior year will give me (also the dreaded thought of NO BREAKS and HUGE RESPONSIBILITY always come to my mind). Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it and even though I’m super drained out after lab training, I’m enjoying it quite well. Thesis, here I come! Tomorrow is our last day of training and we will be handling mice. I am slightly stressed about this–as anyone who is PRO-life would be. Wish me luck. #forscience #boo

I wanted to end this brief post by posting some of my favorite videos on Youtube for the past week.

Gabriel “What a talent” Angelo

IKEA Small “Super Splendid” Spaces

One Direction Parody


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