Second Chance Summer

It’s the last day of my “summer” before senior year starts! The title of this post is actually a title of a book by Morgan Matson which I have yet to read. I loved her first book, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour because it was all about road trips and music and it isn’ that deep ha ha. Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures and talk about my two week summer vacation back in the province since I really didn’t get to have an actual summer because of those stupid summer classes (soooo mature, I know ha ha).

I went back thinking that I’m just gonna laze around and not do anything productive and just stay at the house because that’s what I usually do but apparently, I went out a lot. My cousins were all there so it was more fun. We went to the beach, my yaya’s house, the farm, La Union, and Baguio. Nothing much but these were the places I used to go before I lived in Manila and doing it again with the family made me think a lot about the past and how happy my childhood was. I guess I hadn’t been able to go back a lot since college and I guess I’m pretty much not-stoked to start my senior year which means one year till the real world and *gasp* adulthood and *scream* CHANGE. I hate change ha ha (maturity level: 9000). What bittersweet memories, huh? But I’m glad I have them so much (clingy).

So here are pictures! Credits to my Tita Anne and awesome cousin, Ate Cams! Check out her blog, it has awesome photos:

My lola had her 76th birthday and we celebrated it at Star Plaza. Whenever I go home,there is always a celebration for something –birthday, fiesta, anniversary, etc. I love it because of the food and the people. Haha and I get to bless and practice my manners (which is a huge thing, I believe). In Manila, no one really blesses (mano po) anymore. Everyone just hugs and kiss.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future–whether I’ll work and have a family in Manila or in the province because I want to have a lifestyle that’s modern but conservative (d’you get what I mean?). The type where there’s wifi all over but people are still gracious and hospitable to one another. I’d like my future kids to grow up in a healthy, innocent, and simple environment. I’m not saying that Manila is a wild world but it’s just it can be too much whereas in the province, you can be happy just by looking around your surroundings. Or is that just me?

One morning, we borrowed my uncle’s boat to go find butandings at the beach. It was reported that they were staying there for a week. We stayed out for an hour and I was so excited but we didn’t see one (booooo). I kept my hands on the water all the time because, you know, maybe they’d like to eat be curious about it but they weren’t tempted (boohoo). I had fun though because I was just lying around at the middle of the sea, thinking, “Wow, life could be simpler and better.” The sea was so tranquil, no waves at all–which was good because the boat only fit four people max and I’m afraid even a tiny wave will turn the boat over and we would become food for the sleeping butandings. After we finished and left, our uncle told us that the butandings showed up. DAMNNNNN, maybe next time I’ll get lucky. I have no pictures for this huhuhu because my sister won’t give me her hard drive so you got to have to trust me on this one. Ha ha.

We went strolling around to our own Mystic Falls and ate balut and lugaw at the local carinderias beside the Church. I love it there, it’s so peaceful and nice. We also went to the farm to harvest some fruits–mangoes, guava, guyabano, and more. We went to Baraoas, where my yaya lives. We went to the dam where we used to bathe and play around but now, there’s no more water. We looked for our lolo’s land and grilled some chicken head and feet and hotdogs and longganisas. We also catched tadpoles and fish! Well, they catched and I just watched. I had a good time, though.

The older cousins went surfing in La Union. It was my first time to surf and I can say–I did well. Haha. I wanna do it again! Mostly, I was just lying at my surfboard and looking at the sea but it was fun! We had late lunch/merienda or should I say “merunch” (laaame) at a river farm. No kidding, the name of the resto was River Farm! But they had awesome Sinigang and Calamares and we were floating so it was all good.

Lastly, we went to Baguio and stayed at Woodstown for three days. It was raining hard so mostly we just stayed indoors. I had fun though, I dunno why. I have reiterated this a couple of times and it still holds true: i wanna live in Baguio someday! It can be temporary or permanent (yikes), who knows? But it’s so pretty and the air is different. On our last night, it was only us cousins and three adults who stayed so it was fun. Three floors of noise and a fireplace for smores making to boot!

After that, it was back to reality. I’m actually excited and anxious for my senior year. Thesis and PI 100 and MBBS and more! Here’s to a fun sem! I’m not sure if I’ll be posting regularly from now on. I used to post every Thursday but now it has become a hassle and instead of being more creative with my entries, I end up doing the same things again and again. I’d like to write in my blog as a means of a stress reliever (without the ranting) so hopefully I can do it soon!

Ciao for now 🙂

Now singing to: So long sweet summer, I fell into you now you’re gracefully falling away…

PS: My family loves to make dance dare videos! I will compile all of them and post it here soon! It’s so funny haha


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