Study Songs

So I’m stuck here “trying” to study several papers for my classes tomorrow.

Current state of mind: asdfghjkl

I’ve decided to post some of my favorite songs which I now use as my study songs because they make me feel happy and relaxed.

Signal Fire. This is the most romantic English song for me. And it’s part of Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman movie’s soundtrack, which is the BEST superhero series in my opinion. If someone would sing this to me, I will cry (requirement: kasing galing ni Gary Lightbody). The perfect words never crossed my mind ’cause there was nothing in there but you.

Long Distance Call. This song is perfect for that moment in the car during the afternoon when you’re sleeping and then you open your eyes and see the sun passing through the window. Cheesy, I know. But I love scenes like that in movies. So old and laidback but quite memorable (well, for me haha).

Fluorescent Adolescent. I used to be in love with Matt Helders. As in sobra. But I love this band because of the accent haha and this song is the perfect quirky song.

Drops of Jupiter. This song gives that nostalgic feeling and it’s perfect for afternoons. If it’s not obvious, I like songs perfect for afternoons because it’s my favorite time of the day. It reminds me of my childhood days where I was FORCED to take naps and watch Popeye and the Jetsons on Cartoon Network. Also, the sun at that time always gives a sepia (okay, instagram-y) feeling, don’t you think?

And here I am thinking I can study harder with this playlist running on. Instead of being productive, I’m stuck reminiscing the good old elementary days and wishing for the sem to end ASAP!


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