One day trip

My mom, sister, and I went to Baguio for a quick trip over the break. We visited the Ben Cab museum (FINALLY) and stayed at the country club which is one of my favorite hotels ever. Have I mentioned how much I love Baguio? I thought it was going to be a bit warm there but noooo, I was freezing to death (AGAIN) but it’s always nice. I feel like I’m getting whiter in cold places, though there is no scientific relation to that whatsoever. I think…HAHA.

The Ben Cab museum is a little far off from the busy part of Baguio but it’s still near (around 10 minutes) and the road going there was ultra zigzag-y which I love because I like roads that make you dizzy. HAHA. Talk about adrenaline rush. Anyway, when we got there, no one was visiting so we had the museum all to ourselves. Yay! They didn’t give me a student discount though because you can’t see my face in my ID anymore. Boooooo. Stupid ID.

It’s been awhile since I last posted photos in my blog so this post has plenty of them. I’m actually amazed by my finding the time to slightly edit the photos one by one. Usually, I give up after the second try. HAHA. I’m so glad WordPress has this new gallery app!

Anyway, going to museums is always fun! You learn to appreciate different cultures and discover new things. There are plenty of interesting museums in the Philippines and I think we should visit them as often as possible. In this way, we get to admire and applaud all the artists that our country has and quite possibly help them in reaching out to many others.

Girl time.

Look at the gallery for more. Wow, I like this new layout haha. I’ve written descriptions in some pictures if you wanna read more haha.


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