Fantastic Baby

My favorite Kpop boy band went to the Philippines for the first time for their worldwide tour. I love love love these 5 people! I can’t pick a favorite…that’s how much I love all of them. This, for me, is a BIG thing because I never thought they’d come here. And at the end of the show, Seungri promised they’ll come back so I’m looking forward when that time comes. Hopefully, I can buy those hard-to-get VIP tickets. Potek, 12k siya! Must start saving money now, I guess.

I’m so happy their recent album is so awesome! I loved every song especially Fantastic Baby haha. But now, I’m always LSS-ing to Blue! But of course, their two early hits, Lies and Haru Haru are my ultimate favorites. I’m so glad I still remember all the lyrics (even if they’re in Korean) which I memorized three years ago. Woohoo, I can still remember when I was screaming every line out. Take note, rap siya. Woohoo talaga haha!

Here are pictures I grabbed from my cousin, Ate Cams, and from Big Bang’s official FB page.

look at the audience

yellow lights
blue and purple lights

roll call

my cousin made a gif of the “we want more” chant before the encore. amazing!

with ate cams
dajay siblings ❤


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