Coron, 2012

Last sembreak, I went to the beautiful island(s) of Coron in Palawan together with my family and other family friends. It was only a quick trip but it was super fun and relaxing. The islands and beaches of Coron are truly amazing to see, I was really awed by the beaches and the huge rock formations all over. I’d definitely go back there soon if I need to get away from all the hustles of my real life. Haha.

I have a lot of photos, mostly me. =))) These were grabbed from Tito Nuf, Ate Dot, and my parents!


Where we stayed (Asia Grandview Hotel)


Waiting for our limos (aka tricycles)

Cute tricycles and fiesta banners

Lunch was awesome

On our first day, we went to the Kingfisher Resort which was at the center of the sea. Lucky for us, no one was there so we had the whole house(?!) to ourselves.

Perfect for siesta


               On our way to the mangroves to look for kingfishers and monkeys. Sadly, there were none because everyone was so noisy haha

The moon was so pretty

The following day, we went island-hopping and started at Siete Picados.      

Our boat!

This was taken either at Siete Picados or during the shipwreck site visit

Twin Lagoons area. This was my favorite because we were the only ones there and the second lagoon (which is hidden and you have to pass the crevice in between) was so big and abandoned. I felt like Kate in LOST during the episode where she was searching for her cufflinks under the lake. Haha. It was an infinite moment =)) The water was also a mixture of warm and cold so when I was floating, it felt cold and when I tried to stand straight, I feel warmth on my toes. Chos!

Twin Lagoon photo-op

Docks at Kayangan Lake

Group photo with the Map of Coron

View once you reach the mountain top
Inside Kayangan Lake. According to our guide, this was named the cleanest lake in Asia twice!

Climbing down from Kayangan Lake

Breath-taking background (mehehe) at Atuayan Beach

Lunch at Atuayan Beach

Post-lunch photo

We took advantage of the pool at our resort every night.

Late night

Hugs, hugs everywhere

Next time I’ll go there, I must definitely visit Culion Island. I learned about this leper colony last semester and I’m very curious about it! Hope this happens soon.

Three more weeks till Christmas break!


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