Moving on

It surprises me how quick people move on from tragedies —and this is not in a lovelorn sense. For example, most people often forget the aftermath of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings and WWI and WWII in general. And how about the Spanish influenza?

It’s not a bad or shameful thing, though. I understand how we’d want to forget all about these sickening human acts but it kind of pains me how we forget about all the lives lost and the emotions their families are feeling even today. I am happy and relieved that these places all over the world have truly risen up and transformed into modern, beautiful and peaceful places. And despite this, they’ve still commemorated and paid respect to the tragic events and the people who were involved. 

What I’d want to see though is that the world will all unite and remember all the lives, culture, and memories lost. It surprises me how younger generations don’t know these important events which dictate our history. I think it’ll be better for everyone to be aware and acknowledge, respect, and appreciate the sufferings and noble sacrifices people make. 


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