A list of my favorite quotes which help me get through the days. They always inspire me and give me focus on what to do.

Ad astra per aspera means “to the stars, through adversity”. I chanced upon it on a book I read about roadtrips. I’ve never been on a roadtrip where you just drive and go wherever. I know for sure, it’s a dream of mine and I shall definitely make it happen. First thing: be comfortable when driving. Yesterday (Dec 31, 2011), I felt a little sad because I drove my tita’s Sentra around the neighborhood but I kept on shutting off because I wasn’t familiar with the clutch. It just goes to show that I am not ready yet. Still, I hope I can do it soon! I want me and my friends to go somewhere (Tagaytay, San Fabian, etc) and just enjoy each other’s company. I think it’s easier in the US because their interstate highways are definitely longer and they have all these diners situated along the way. It’s a dream of mine to be able to do that someday. So yeah, master driving manually. I can do this! This motto means a lot to me too because I love stars. I read a Calvin and Hobbes strip before wherein Calvin says that if people look at the stars each night, they would live life differently. There’s just something with stars and the feeling you get when you look at the vast sky, don’t you think? It makes your problems seems so puny and irrelevant with the world.

Don’t take life seriously. This is something I’d really like to instill within me because in my 19 years of living, I believe that I always take life seriously—-like caring about what other people think, always following the rules, never go outside the box. Even when I was in Malaysia, I was constantly in a puzzled state. Taking everything in yet somehow not getting its full effect. It was the only thing I regretted. I want to stop thinking that everything matters all the time. Of course, some things are really important and when serious matters come, then you should act upon it. What I’m saying is, I don’t want to be too hard with myself and to others as well. It just takes the fun out of this roller coaster ride we are living in. Enough with the drama and be happy. I shall live and enjoy my youth with no worries! Only happiness shall prevail. No, I shall enjoy life and treat every moment as a challenge I must have fun conquering.

Make others happy. I really believe that you are living life if you make others happy. It’s not selfless and it’s not selfish as well. By putting a smile in other people’s faces, you get to be happy and realize that you are not alone in this world. I’ve always been indifferent, I believe…and a little selfish as well. Yes, I care about what others think about me and what others do but it always has something to do with me or what I feel. Which is wrong because you should really care about others and do your part in your friendships and relationships to make them work. It is not a one way street. If you need others, tell them. That has been one of my flaws. I have always kept my deep feelings within myself. I don’t even tell my real-life crushes to anyone because I feel that it is a secret that only I can know so that others won’t be affected with me. But no man is an island. I need to instill this in my mind so I can let others which I usually take for granted know that I want their friendship in my life. I do not believe in the saying that some people only last for a couple of chapters in your life story (or something like that). Because if there’s a will, there’s a way. You just have to be courageous and do it. But if you tried and failed because of the other party, then you must not waste your time. The world is full of other people. Open your eyes. 

Self-improvement over self-advertisement. Enough with what other people think of you. My main goal right now is to improve my self-confidence. I hope to be more fit and get that dream figure. Also, to not think of others and not compare myself to others, which is sadly my worst weakness. I’ll go crazy if I try to compare myself. Perhaps I can admire, but never let someone take over me. It’s hard. It might be the hardest feat of them all. But I can do it. Through adversity.

It always seems impossible until it is done. This never fails me. It is exactly the drive I need to win over laziness. I always doubt myself even in times when it doesn’t occur to me. I can be mindless and not have a lot of care in the world. But when I think of this thought, it always keeps me going and doing something and before I know it, I’m done with whatever it is I was doing. Try it!

I go to seek a great perhaps. I don’t know where this quote came from but I know it’s famous. I just like it because I know this will help me gain more experiences. Whether it is by travelling the world, meeting new friends, and having new interests. ‘Perhaps’ is just too lovely a word to neglect in life.

Heart, don’t fail me now. Courage, don’t desert me. No need to describe. I love Anastasia and these advice are just too precious to ignore. Courage see me through. Heart, I’m trusting you.


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