Summer Song/s 2013

Hello, Summer! I still haven’t finished my playlist. haha I doubt I’ll ever finish it. These songs are definitely included though:

The feel-good song:

Daft Punk-Get Lucky

The perfect NY song:

Vampire Weekend-Step Up

The “hipster” song:

John Gold-Vampire’s Kiss

Yeahh, I’m going indie/hipster. Might add a little Kanye, Drake, B.I.G. and of course some Eraserheads and Sugarfree to satisfy my OPM needs!!!


All at once

I watched The Fray in Manila last night. It was so awesome, they were so good! The mood was pretty laidback and we got great seats!

I’m so glad I listened to their newest album for a week straight. I appreciated the whole thing a lot more cause I got to sing along with them. It’s too bad they didn’t sing my favorite song from Scars and Stories, I Can Barely Say. It would have been epic! They promised to come back once they have a new album and I promised myself…when I’m able, I’ll buy patron tickets. Para naman mahawakan ko din ang soft hands ni Isaac! We passed by a group of girls who were saying that his hands were so soft over and over hahaha!

Moonstar 88 was their front act. As usual, they’re awesome.

First lines: Maybe you want her. Maybe you need her. Maybe you’re starting to compare. Then BOOM, lights! I loved it haha. Isay and I predicted that All At Once might be their opening song and it was!! They followed it with The Fighter, Here We Are, YOU FOUND ME (my favorite), Never Say Never, Turn Me On, Syndicate, and more.

Ungodly Hour was magical. The guitarist was the one who sang and his voice was heaven. Godly indeed hahahaha

When they played Look After You, How to Save a Life, and Cable Car, everyone was dancing and clapping and everything. Infinite moment here haha #pumeperks #therearenowords I wanted to post a video but it’s takes too long to upload so never mind, maybe next time when I have a faster connection 😉

They ended with Heartbeat. Singing Oooooooooh, I feel your heartbeat. I ultimately love this line: “If you can love somebody, love them all the same”.

Isaac performed Be Still for the encore. I loved it. This is the ultimate lullaby/peaceful/sleep song! From what I researched (haha), he wrote this in 30 minutes while he was driving! He also sang Happiness and dedicated it to Habagat victims. ❤

‘Twas a great night. I can’t wait for it to happen again.

Fantastic Baby

My favorite Kpop boy band went to the Philippines for the first time for their worldwide tour. I love love love these 5 people! I can’t pick a favorite…that’s how much I love all of them. This, for me, is a BIG thing because I never thought they’d come here. And at the end of the show, Seungri promised they’ll come back so I’m looking forward when that time comes. Hopefully, I can buy those hard-to-get VIP tickets. Potek, 12k siya! Must start saving money now, I guess.

I’m so happy their recent album is so awesome! I loved every song especially Fantastic Baby haha. But now, I’m always LSS-ing to Blue! But of course, their two early hits, Lies and Haru Haru are my ultimate favorites. I’m so glad I still remember all the lyrics (even if they’re in Korean) which I memorized three years ago. Woohoo, I can still remember when I was screaming every line out. Take note, rap siya. Woohoo talaga haha!

Here are pictures I grabbed from my cousin, Ate Cams, and from Big Bang’s official FB page.

look at the audience

yellow lights
blue and purple lights

roll call

my cousin made a gif of the “we want more” chant before the encore. amazing!

with ate cams
dajay siblings ❤

Canon List #2 Festivals

I think my life would be complete if ever I get to see The Black Keys and Jack Johnson playing live at a music fest. When I grow older, I would definitely waste my money (and experiences) on different music festivals all around the world. This dream MUST happen. If it doesn’t, my life would be a shame.

I blame this on Coachella season happening right now–everyone just looks so cool and the feel is so laid-back. I think the things that fascinate me the most about them festivals is that you not only get to travel to great places (as they only happen in great places) but also share something momentous with different types of people and of course amazing musicians from all over the world. Two words always come to my mind whenever I see live streamings of music festivals–INFINITE and APPRECIATE. People’s appreciation of music combined with the feeling of being infinite at that moment–it’s something I can’t wait to experience.

Here are my top picks:


(clockwise from top left) Coachella, Indio Valley, California; Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee; Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois; Jack Johnson and Friends' Kokua Festival, Hawaii


(from left) Miley Cyrus in Rock in Rio, Madrid; Primavera Sound, Barcelona; Benicassim Festival, between Benicassim and Valencia

Other countries

Splendour in the Grass, Australia; Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, Philippines

Things to do there:

Bond with famous people (if only)

Crowd surfing/boating/balling

Body Painting

Rent a tent or a teepee

Ziplining in Lisbon (Rock in Rio)

So far, these are the ones I’ve heard and researched about through the years. I’m pretty sure there are bigger and hipper festivals out there which I can hopefully add in my list as well. Apart from music, I’d also want to witness cultural festivals. For example, I’d really wanna go to this one..

Oktoberfest, Munich

…and drink authentic German beer (haha).

Lots of dreams require lotsa money! Wish me luck (matagal tagal pa ito).

pictures from google

I’m in love with…

love songs! Hahaha!

My friends and I were talking about Kevjumba and Nigahiga’s song called “Nice Guys” which I really love. Kevjumba’s “girl” in the video is the one and only Kina Grannis who I love because she is a great singer. Awww, if only I have that kind of voice. Here’s one of her original songs called “Valentine”

And my new favorite band, He is We. Hope they get more famous (because I love mainstream and I believe my favorite artists should be heard on the radio). Anyway, kakakilig.

That’s all 🙂


Lana Del Ray


I’ve watched this video two months ago and it’s really beautiful. Prolly one of the music videos I love nowadays. And yes, I love music videos. I usually like songs because they have pretty and meaningful videos. It’s just better if you can see visual interpretations of music, don’t you think?

The church was divine. Lana is stunning. Her voice is amazing. The song is very smoothing. And, I love tigers. Ha.

I think she’s gonna go pretty far. Perhaps the new Katy Perry or Adele? Anyway, she’s performing on the SNL episode where Daniel Harry Potter hosted.