Summer Song/s 2013

Hello, Summer! I still haven’t finished my playlist. haha I doubt I’ll ever finish it. These songs are definitely included though:

The feel-good song:

Daft Punk-Get Lucky

The perfect NY song:

Vampire Weekend-Step Up

The “hipster” song:

John Gold-Vampire’s Kiss

Yeahh, I’m going indie/hipster. Might add a little Kanye, Drake, B.I.G. and of course some Eraserheads and Sugarfree to satisfy my OPM needs!!!


Second Chance Summer

It’s the last day of my “summer” before senior year starts! The title of this post is actually a title of a book by Morgan Matson which I have yet to read. I loved her first book, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour because it was all about road trips and music and it isn’ that deep ha ha. Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures and talk about my two week summer vacation back in the province since I really didn’t get to have an actual summer because of those stupid summer classes (soooo mature, I know ha ha).

I went back thinking that I’m just gonna laze around and not do anything productive and just stay at the house because that’s what I usually do but apparently, I went out a lot. My cousins were all there so it was more fun. We went to the beach, my yaya’s house, the farm, La Union, and Baguio. Nothing much but these were the places I used to go before I lived in Manila and doing it again with the family made me think a lot about the past and how happy my childhood was. I guess I hadn’t been able to go back a lot since college and I guess I’m pretty much not-stoked to start my senior year which means one year till the real world and *gasp* adulthood and *scream* CHANGE. I hate change ha ha (maturity level: 9000). What bittersweet memories, huh? But I’m glad I have them so much (clingy).

So here are pictures! Credits to my Tita Anne and awesome cousin, Ate Cams! Check out her blog, it has awesome photos:

My lola had her 76th birthday and we celebrated it at Star Plaza. Whenever I go home,there is always a celebration for something –birthday, fiesta, anniversary, etc. I love it because of the food and the people. Haha and I get to bless and practice my manners (which is a huge thing, I believe). In Manila, no one really blesses (mano po) anymore. Everyone just hugs and kiss.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future–whether I’ll work and have a family in Manila or in the province because I want to have a lifestyle that’s modern but conservative (d’you get what I mean?). The type where there’s wifi all over but people are still gracious and hospitable to one another. I’d like my future kids to grow up in a healthy, innocent, and simple environment. I’m not saying that Manila is a wild world but it’s just it can be too much whereas in the province, you can be happy just by looking around your surroundings. Or is that just me?

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At the Hostel

It’s Feb 16. A thursday.

For some reason, I always remember this date. It was the date of my first prom back in high school, FIVE years ago. Shet, so old. Seriously though, it really seems like yesterday or better yet a mere two years ago lang when I was in high school but now I’m a year shy from completing my course (hopefully). Anyway, I liked that prom hahaha. It wasn’t perfect. I should have been more confident (ha!). But it was memorable. I know I have a short retention memory and so far in this life of mine, I’ve only remembered two dates that I’m not obligated to remember (eg. birthdays, holidays, etc). And feb 16 is one of them. I’ll post another entry on the other date! HAHAHA.

Anyway, here’s a video I want to share. It happened last Summer when my hostel-mates and I were bored and wanted to do a video. I just updated my Youtube account and this is the first one I’ve uploaded. It’s lame but if you’re bored, please watch. HAHA. I’ve got nothing to share actually. I don’t usually bring my camera anywhere so I don’t have recent photos. I’ll have to grab good ones from my friends.

Have a great weekend! Summer is so near!

Singapura Summer 2011

I only have three more exams until this sem is over! And since sembreak is so close, I keep on rekindling my summer memories. Hay, those were the happy -and stress-free- days.

This post is about my brief trip to Singapore last summer  with my internship friends. We went there for a weekend only but I really had fun. We were very tourist-y having our cameras out while taking pictures everywhere. But who wouldn’t want to take pictures of hip, ultra-modern Singapore?

I can imagine myself living there. How can a place be so efficient in everything? Hmph..intelligent people. The only glitch though is that they have a high cost of living. Boo.

Here are some pictures:

Meet my friends! From left to right: my teammate Ara; my Sbuddy (Singaporean buddy) Keenly; fellow interns from KL Gab, Anna, and Omar)

First thing I saw when i stepped off the train. Haha. It took us 7 hours to travel from KL to Singapore. We took the night train on our way back. Cooli-o.

I didn’t mind getting lost because taking the MRT was easy and fun. Plus, they have malls located near each station and have art installations (picture above) everywhere. Creative people talaga.

Our hostel was located in Little India near Bugis (picture above). Bugis street is love. Lots of good food and great finds. Some shops were wild! Haha, there were lots of them. There were plenty of people too. But the more, the merrier, right?

My Sbuddy and I went to Marina Bay and boy was it pretty. Everything was modern and there were lots of light! We got to see the light show and Marina Sands was awesome. Too bad we didn’t check out the bar at the rooftop. Next time, I’ll definitely go there. You get to see (almost) the whole Singapore.

Cool architecture, huh? The Marina Mall (picture above) is so chic and very detailed. The picture before that is the bridge going to the Singapore Flyer and the durian-shaped mall. My pictures were blurry, too sad.

The next day, we went to Orchard Road and ate the best Waffle Ice Cream ever! Our roommate back in Penang recommended it so we had to try it! Definitely met my expectation. Haha. Afterwards, we went to Sentosa to check out a great mall called Vivo City, Resorts World, and of course Universal Studios!

 I always have the time of my life at amusement parks. And so far, it’s the best one I’ve been to. Universal beats Disneyland hands down (well, except for the Disneyland shows)! My favorite ride was the Battlestar Galactica Rollercoaster. I tried both the red and blue ones and I gotta say, the Cyclon one was great. Great great feeling. There was even some mist underground part. This ride was ingenious. It really pulled of the Human vs. Robot theme.

(from top to bottom, clockwise: Keenly looking lost; We love Po; Madagascar is awesome) The staff who took our picture at the Madagascar area broke Keenly’s camera so he gave us free souvenirs and money!

 We went to see the Merlion in Sentosa because the one in Marina Bay couldn’t be found (it was under construction haha). I loved this place. There were lots of lights and a perfect place for friends and families to gather and eat. The Merlion was cool. I would love to clone it someday, seriously HAHAHA.

Overall, I had a blast in Singapore. There were some major down moments (mixed dorm sucks haha, never again) but all the great moments were unforgettable and they still keep on popping into my mind (especially when I’m studying haha). I’m glad I had an opportunity like this –to travel to another country spontaneously with friends. With your family around, you feel secure whenever you’re in a foreign land and you never have to worry about yourself that much because you’re dependent on your parents. But travelling with friends is a different and exciting experience because you get to be more adventurous. You also realize that you need to be careful and take care of yourself (and your budget as well). I had a good time doing that because it makes me feel like I am taking on the world by myself and it’s making me a better, stronger person. Chos.

Shopping + amusement parks + great architecture + taking care of myself= ONE GREAT WEEKEND.